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OTP Verification

Learn how OTP Verification can protect your online accounts and transactions from fraud and hacking, Our comprehensive guide explains how it works and why it is essential for your online security!

One-time Passwords (as in OTP) are very common to this day. Everyone uses OTPs at various sites during login, registration, transactions on e-commerce sites, and many more things. It is integrated in day to day life so let’s know about it a little more.

What is One-time Password (OTP)?

A one-time password (OTP) is a string of characters that authenticates the user and prevents unauthorized use or fraudulent transactions by generating new codes every time it’s used.OTPs are far more secure than static passwords. User-created passwords tend to be weak, and because people reuse them across multiple accounts this makes hackers’ jobs significantly easier. Unlike regular logins which can be used repeatedly and indefinitely by the same individual, an OTP is intended for only one use. OTP also expires after a few minutes.


Why do we need additional security layers especially OTP in recent times?

    1. Defend against password-based attacks Passwords created by users can easily be guessed. Cybercriminals find it easier to carry out security assaults to steal passwords such as password sniffing (capturing network traffic and extracting authentication information from it), brute force attacks (in which the attacker guesses all possible combinations of characters in sequence until he finds one that matches) as well as dictionary-based attack. The OTP method of password generation combines numeric and alphanumeric characters in an unexpected way, making it more difficult for thieves to guess passwords.
    1. OTP Validity only for a few minutes One-time passwords can only be used for a single verification. It expires in a few minutes. Passwords lose their validity quickly due to time synchronization. In order to complete or retry the transaction after the password has expired, the user must request a new OTP.
    1. User data validation OTP helps in the authentication of the mobile number or email address of the users which verifies the user’s identity. It reduces the chances of duplicate accounts of the same person during registration/login/feedback forms. It also assists in providing the actual data of users on any site /application.
    1. Payment Transactions Payment transactions are generally used in e-commerce sites, the banking sector, etc. It is necessary to confirm the identity of the person before the initiation of payment.

OTP Verification for WordPress Site

WordPress is an open-source platform and is mostly used by everyone. OTP Verification is also a basic necessity to verify the customers for every site and to collect genuine data about the customers. Following are the primary use cases for WordPress sites where OTP Verification is required are listed below.

    1. Registration During registration, there is a chance that the user enters fake information which increases the database, and it is also a waste of time and effort to try to contact them. So it is essential to confirm the mobile number/ email id.
    1. Login Anyone can log in to the site with another person’s credentials and can access important information.OTP Verification adds an additional protection level to the site.
    1. Feedback/Contact Us These are the ways the customers/clients come in contact with us and share their queries, requirements, or any other issues if facing. It is mandatory to contact them back and resolve the issues. OTP verifications assist in authenticating the information.
    1. Checkout While checking out from any eCommerce site it is essential to validate the mobile number/email id to reach out to customers for payment, and delivery and also keep them updated regarding their order/item. It is especially important for the ‘Cash On Delivery’ option during checkout.
    1. Passwordless login Passwords are vulnerable and easy to predict so they can be known to anybody. Using only OTP to log in enhances the security by one more layer. It also reduces the chances of login by any random person.
    1. Password reset Password reset is one of the easiest ways to get hold of anyone’s account unauthorizedly. So it’s crucial to check the request to reset the password is from the owner. So verifying the owner through their mobile number/ email id by sending the OTP is essential.
    1. Prevent duplicate entries OTP verification can help avoid multiple registrations using the same email address or cell phone number.

Different mediums to send OTP

Nowadays, there are several ways to send OTP to your consumers depending on your preferences and company needs. The use of SMS is no longer the sole option; other methods are now available. Here are a few well-liked and dependable methods for sending the OTP.

    1. SMS OTP is sent to a person by SMS to authenticate the registered mobile number along with its identity. SMS is the oldest, easiest, and most efficient way to send OTPs. As it is present in every mobile phone and free to receive SMS. Nowadays everyone uses a mobile phone so they can authenticate without any worries.
    1. Email OTP is sent to a registered email id for authentication. As most of the official communication happens via emails so it is necessary to verify them.
    1. Call This is an alternate way to verify the mobile number of a person. OTP is spoken over call on the registered mobile number. This method can help persons with limited eyesight.
    1. WhatsApp This is the trending method to send OTP on WhatsApp. Nowadays WhatsApp is present on most mobile phones. WhatsApp is also used in many countries and is widely used for communication with each other. In this way, businesses can also personally communicate with the customers for their offers, discounts, and many more things.


OTP is one of the ways to ensure the identity of a person during transactions, registration, etc. OTP provides additional security in the static password method. It also helps to reduce cyber crimes as the expiry time of OTP is just a few minutes. OTP verification is a very simple and feasible solution for any business.

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