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The Best OTP Login & Verification solution for Shopify

OTP Login will prevent fake orders & spammers by verifying users with OTP sent on their phone/email at user registration & before checkout on Shopify Store.

miniOrange provides the best OTP Login & Verification Solution for Shopify Plus & Non-Plus Stores. Easily login & register your users using OTP sent over their phone/email, this will keep away spammers or bots from your store and only allow genuine users to access your store. Also, you can prevent fake orders by verifying OTP before the user checks out.

What is OTP and why is it important for your Shopify store?

OTP stands for One-Time Password. Users don’t need to remember their credentials to log in if your Shopify store is equipped with a passwordless login method. This boosts your overall user retention rate, since many customers are lost if they fail to remember their credentials or if they aren’t willing to fill up the entire signup (registration) form. According to statistics, more than 50% of people fail to remember their login credentials and reset their passwords more than 5 times in a month’s duration on various platforms. Hence, to avoid this it is better to have a passwordless login solution like OTP Login for your Shopify store.

Most merchants complain about fewer sales in their stores. Generally, the reason for fewer sales is a non-feasible password-based login solution being used on your Shopify store. Since it is difficult to remember passwords, most of the customers look for an alternative solution (other platforms where they are already signed in) to purchase the product they are looking for. Logging in with an OTP only requires the user to enter their phone number or email address and then enter the OTP they have received on their phone. Authenticating a user with an OTP is a feasible solution and always recommended in regards to software security.

Login with OTP verification over Email

Some people are too conscious about sharing their phone numbers online, as they are concerned about marketing campaigns flooding their message inbox. Hence, it is better to have an alternative to this solution. We provide OTP verification via email i.e. sending the OTP to the customer’s email address. With the flexibility of sending OTPs on both phone numbers and emails, a user is bound to sign up and stay with your platform. A secure platform always shows a certain level of trust between the platform and its customers.

Check out why OTP Verification should be a necessity for your Shopify store

With our ‘Login with OTP’ application, prompt users to verify their phone number using an OTP sent to their phone number or email address before onboarding them. We provide OTP verification on the registration page of the Shopify store. This ensures that only genuine users using unique phone numbers or email addresses are able to register to your Shopify store. This will prevent your Shopify store from bots/spammers and non-genuine users trying to create multiple fake accounts. You can store the phone number of your customers in the phone field of their profile instead of storing it in any other field.

Apart from basic OTP verification, authenticate your user again using a Multi-Factor Authenticator. We provide a variety of authentication options: OTP over apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, OTP over Email, SMS, Hardware Token and Push Notification on your phone. This helps you authenticate the user using a method that is unique only to them, and makes sure that the user itself is logging in and not someone else.

Are you tired of spammers creating fake orders on your Shopify store?

We provide OTP verification on the Checkout Page (Cart Page) of Shopify which ensures only verified users can place orders. It is necessary to verify if the user is genuine before accepting an order from them. It will help you to track your inventory more accurately. If bots are spamming your Shopify store with fake orders, it will affect your SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of an item. When a genuine user tries to make a purchase, it might get lost due to the unavailability of the product caused by fake orders created by the spammer. As a result, OTP verification on the checkout page will help in preventing fake orders made by fraudsters or bots. If you want to make sure that the person making a purchase is genuine, you can add another authentication method on top of it, making it a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or a Multi-Factor Authentication system.

Are you looking to authenticate users before they make any changes to their user profile? Are you looking to authenticate users before making any special requests on your Shopify store?

Our ‘Login with OTP’ application blends with any Shopify theme including Online Store 2.0 themes to add OTP verification on any Shopify page. Hence, a user’s request can be authenticated before they make any vital changes to their account. OTP verification can be prompted before accessing a specific page or content in your Shopify store. This will require the user to authenticate before accessing restricted content or making any changes to their profile on your Shopify page.

It is necessary to add Two-Factor Authentication on top of OTP Verification to ensure that the user is genuine. This will also act as another form of verification required from their side before they can make any changes to their profile.

Are your customers using the same account to purchase products from your store? Are you tired of users sharing their accounts which causes your business to incur heavy losses?

We provide a feature of session management that ensures that only one device is actively logged in at a time. It also enables you to verify the session of the user on any specific page of your store to confirm that the account is being used only by the account owner’s device. This prevents users from sharing their accounts with multiple users. Using a Multi-Factor Authentication system, it is easy to stop users from sharing their accounts with others, since the authentication methods are specific to the owner’s account.


Are you convinced of getting the OTP Login solution for your store?

We have our own SMS Gateway which perfectly blends with our Login with OTP application. Also, you can use your custom SMS gateway for sending OTPs as we support more than 20 SMS Gateway providers.

Pricing concerns

We have very affordable plans available for Shopify Plus & Non-Plus Stores as well. Our monthly plans start from as low as $25/month. Start with Login with OTP and secure your Shopify store today and prevent your store from malicious activities.


  1. OTP Login is a must to secure your Shopify store from various threats which might also affect your business.
  2. It is better to verify a user while they are signing up on your Shopify store. OTP Verification on the account registering page is a must to protect your store from spammers.
  3. It is necessary to verify a user (using OTP verification) before they place an order on your store to prevent spamming of fake orders and to avoid inaccuracies in measuring your inventory.
  4. Account sharing should be prevented to stop incurring heavy losses in your business if you are hosting paid subscription services on your store.
  5. It is important to have a feasible login solution like OTP Login to retain more users and to avail them with the ease of login and sign up.
  6. OTP Login solution starts at a very cheap price of $25. Considering the benefits it provides, the cost is highly justifiable.

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