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Complete BYOD  
Management Software

Unleash the power of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) without sacrificing security with miniOrange Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. Give employees the freedom to securely use their personal devices for work apps and tools. Maintain a perfect balance between flexibility and protection with our BYOD solution!

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How Does miniOrange BYOD MDM Software Work?

miniOrange BYOD Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are essential for modern workplaces. It reduces the risks associated with traditional BYOD policies and devices, protects company data on personal devices, and reduces vulnerabilities. Our team of support specialists helps you ensure a hassle-free experience by guiding you through the seamless implementation, ongoing maintenance, and troubleshooting of BYOD policies.

Top Features Of BYOD MDM Software

Features Section

Screen Recording Prevention

Prevent screen recording of work profiles on personal devices to keep sensitive information safe. Protect data privacy by limiting screen recording capabilities.

Limit File Transfer

Restrict data cross-sharing between personal and work profiles. Control data flow by setting limitations on file transfer functionalities.

Time-Based App Access

Let employees access business apps or data during set times. Adjust what they can do based on schedules to reduce data security risks during non-work hours. Control the installation, updating, and removal of business applications on personal devices so that only authorized applications can be used for work purposes.

Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Monitor device status, track usage, and troubleshoot issues without requiring physical access to the device. Businesses can remotely erase sensitive work data from the device in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Personal Email Restriction

Prevent staff members from sharing company data with personal email accounts, reducing the risk of data leaks or sharing.

IP Restriction

Limit device access to specific networks or IP addresses to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access from unapproved locations.

Benefits Of BYOD MDM Software


The key advantage of BYOD MDM is that it allows employees to use their preferred device like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, for work, enabling comfort and device familiarity

Work and Personal Data Separation

BYOD MDM software uses containerization to separate business apps and data from employees’ personal information. This ensures privacy and security while keeping personal and corporate data separate.

Potential Cost Savings

With BYOD MDM in place, companies don’t need to buy costly work devices since employees use their own personal ones for work.

Centralized Management

Businesses can manage and monitor multiple personal work devices from a centralized platform, allowing for easier updates and device control.


BYOD MDM supports various operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), offering employees the liberty to use different devices for work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use MDM with a BYOD policy?

Yes, Mobile Device Management (MDM) can be utilized in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setting, enabling centralized management and security controls for employee’s personal devices.

What is the difference between BYOD and MDM?

BYOD is a policy that allows employees to use personal devices for work, while MDM (Mobile Device Management) is the software or system used to manage, secure, and control these devices.

Are BYOD policies mandatory for staff members?

Generally speaking, BYOD participation is optional. Nonetheless, some companies might have departments or roles that must follow the BYOD policy.

What devices are typically allowed under a BYOD policy?

BYOD policies frequently cover smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other personal computing devices.


Benefits of Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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