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Centralize User Access with 
Access Gateway

Enable secure access to enterprise resources like SaaS & Legacy apps in a centralized manner to enhance security & convenience.

  Easy & seamless integration

  No changes to the source code required

  Perfect for hybrid work environments

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Access Gateway

Why Organizations Need Access Gateway?

Seamless & Secure Access to All Enterprise Apps

The miniOrange Access Gateway offers a Reverse Proxy, SSO, and Adaptive MFA that enables seamless and secure access to multiple enterprise apps (On-Premise/Legacy/Custom In-house) from one central gateway without any configuration or changes to source code/ IT infrastructure.

Our Access Gateway Solution Supports:

  • Kerberos
  • IWA - Integrated Windows Authentication
  • Header-Based Authentication
  • URL Authorization
  • And Many More!
Seamless & Secure Access to All Enterprise Apps
Central User Identity Provider For Everything

Central User Identity Provider For Everything

In a hybrid infrastructure, companies are often faced with juggling multiple Identity providers to enable seamless access to different resources.

This inconvenience is effectively solved by the miniOrange:

  • Acts as a central Identity Provider that can integrate with all On-Premise & Custom In-House Apps
  • Provide secure and seamless access to enterprise resources via Access Gateway

Access Control Made Easy

  • With the Access Gateway solution, you can easily control access to enterprise resources, applications & networks.
  • Define custom access policies to control who has access to what.
  • Utilize a single solution to define user access to all the on-premise and legacy apps instead of defining them separately.
  • Streamlines the access control process, making it easier for admins to audit, update & monitor user access to diverse resources from a single portal.
Access Control Made Easy

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miniOrange Access Gateway
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Popular Use Cases of Access Gateway

Secure User Access to On-Prem Apps Beyond Firewalls

  • Problem: Organizations face challenges in providing secure user access to diverse on-premise apps that are not covered within the organizational firewalls. VPNs pose a cost and setup challenge while also requiring additional steps for end users.
  • Solution: The miniOrange Access Gateway solution effectively extends secure access to these apps without requiring any additional configurations. Users just need to authenticate once into miniOrange and seamlessly access all the required apps.

Securing On-Prem SharePoint Access For External Users

  • Problem: The external users of any organization like contractors and partners typically require access to the on-premise SharePoint, and exposing the SharePoint Server can lead to security vulnerabilities.
  • Solution: Using the miniOrange Access Gateway, enterprises can integrate SharePoint for federated SSO and extend secure access to all external users. Further, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be enabled for enhanced security.

Protecting Legacy Applications With MFA Security

  • Problem: Many enterprises use Legacy apps on the existing on-premise servers, and they require a strategy for protecting access to those resources. Otherwise, this can lead to vulnerable end-points.
  • Solution: By implementing the miniOrange Access Gateway, enterprises can enable robust access control and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure all enterprise resources & Legacy apps on On-Premise environments.

Single Portal to Access All Applications

  • Problem: The majority of modern organizations are working on a hybrid infrastructure and their workforce is using multiple apps simultaneously. Hence, authenticating for each app separately affects their productivity.
  • Solution: To enhance workforce productivity, the miniOrange Access gateway provides a single portal for all end users from where they can securely & seamlessly access all the apps they require for their daily work.

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