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Redefine Your Customer Identity with CIAM

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) can do a lot more than just authentication, it builds a meaningful long-term relationship between customers and brands!

What is Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM?)

Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solution enables businesses to manage their customer identities and provide them with secure access to applications and resources they have subscribed.

miniOrange CIAM solution is designed to enhance the customer experience by providing a seamless and personalized user journey while ensuring privacy, security, and compliance. Businesses can securely authenticate, authorize, and manage customer identities across multiple channels, such as websites, mobile apps, and connected devices.

CIAM provides robust Customer Identity Management functionalities like Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), User Provisioning, and many more. With features such as customer SSO, these functionalities enable brands to design meaningful customer experiences throughout their entire digital journey with the brand’s products or services.

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What We Provide With Our CIAM Suite!

You will get all the features you need to design a fantastic user experience to nurture your customers. Get everything done under one single suite loaded with diverse functionalities.

Customer User Login Form

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Social Login

Passwordless Authentication


Progressive Profiling

User Analytics and Insights

Customer User Login Form

Create customized login pages for your customers which reflect the brand image.

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Single Sign-On

Enable your customers to login via a single set of credentials to all your apps. miniOrange supports integration with multiple external Identity Providers and different protocols using CIAM.

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Social Login

Allow your customers to login hassle-free with their existing social media account credentials.

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Passwordless Authentication

Remove weak & stolen password threats by enabling Passwordless Login.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your customer’s accounts & login process. Adaptive MFA, an advanced form of MFA, will help you set restrictions on user access based on contextual factors like Network, Location, Device, & Time.

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Progressive Profiling

Collect Context-driven User Data with Progressive Profiling to drive more conversions while delivering a personalized experience to your customers.

User Analytics and Insights

Get analytics on customer behavior & engagement from customer data collected by our platform.

Secure Access to all your Applications

With over 5,000 + apps available in the miniOrange App Directory, secure any app easily. Our CIAM solution supports all protocols and integrates with any app of your choice!

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Our customers love us, and here's the proof!

Positive reviews from our customers on popular and credible software review sites like G2, Gartner, Capterra, etc., have proven the loyalty and trust our valued customers show towards miniOrange.

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Make a Difference With CIAM

Redefine Customer Experience

Redefine Customer Experience

Enable your customers to enjoy effortless access from anywhere, anytime, on any device with seamless authentication methods like Single Sign-On (SSO), Passwordless Login, Social Login, etc. Provide customized recommendations, targeted promotions, and personalized content by leveraging comprehensive customer profiles provided by our CIAM platform and foster better customer engagement.

Secure Your Customer Accounts & Manage Access

Prioritize the security of customer accounts by implementing robust authentication mechanisms, including MFA and Adaptive MFA. With our CIAM platform, enable 2FA with 15+ MFA methods to choose from. Streamline the onboarding process by automating the provisioning of customer accounts, granting immediate access to the necessary resources.

Ask for Consent & Comply with Regulations

Enable customers to have full control over their personal information by providing transparency and easy-to-use privacy & consent management tools. Easily comply with requirements of data protection regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), etc., and earn higher brand credibility. Know more about other compliance.

Build Your CIAM Vs. Subscribe to a CIAM Suite

Key Points Build your CIAM Subscribing to a CIAM Suite
Technical Expertise To build and maintain a CIAM solution, in-house technical experts are required. You get access to a team of engineers specialized in developing and maintaining CIAM solutions
Time and Cost Developing & deploying a CIAM solution from scratch is time-consuming & expensive. Subscribing to a CIAM suite means that you have a ready-to-use solution that can be instantly deployed, and it is also cost-effective as well.
Scalability and Flexibility It is very difficult to scale a CIAM which is built in-house, and also there would be less room for flexibility. miniOrange CIAM solution is designed to meet the varying needs of diverse organizations. Hence, it is highly scalable & flexible.
Security and Compliance You need to invest a lot of resources to make your CIAM complaint with different regulations. When you subscribe to the miniOrange CIAM suite, all the security and compliance requirements will be taken care of.

CIAM Caters to Diverse Industries!

miniOrange CIAM solutions can work for diverse industries and all company sizes. Marketplaces, Startups, Enterprises, and different kinds of companies from various industries are using our solution to manage customer identities and to provide a better experience to their customers.

MFA Solution for DBS

Headquartered in Marina Bay Singapore, DBS is a Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation. It is the largest bank in Southeast Asia by assets and among the larger banks in Asia.

SSO Solution for Senwave

Senwave is a Malaysian-based company that provides Digital Transformation, Retail ERP, and F&B Ordering solutions to customers worldwide. Its mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to AI and blockchain and deliver IT services.

SSO Solution for Nahdi Medical Company

With its headquarters in Jeddah, Nahdi Medical Company is a leading chain of Saudi retail pharmacies and it is one of the most prevalent and fastest-growing companies in the region.

SSO Solution for Emirates Transport

Established in 1981 by Federal Law, Emirates Transport used the miniOrange On-Premise IdP solution, and they have successfully eased access to their resources and secured their internal users.

SSO & MFA Solution for Oberoi Group

The Oberoi hotels and resorts wanted a solution that has easy and secure access to their on-premise and cloud apps using SSO. They also wanted to provide a frictionless and reliable self-service password reset functionality to their employees.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is difference between IAM and CIAM?

Overall, IAM predominantly manages internal organizational identities, prioritizing secure access to internal resources. On the other hand, CIAM centers around the management of external customer identities, aiming to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience while promoting privacy and consent. Know more about it by clicking here.

How Does CIAM Protect Customer Data?

Clients are provided with a personalized and secure login interface featuring authentication requirements. The IT department oversees the management of this portal, ensuring that all security software, checks, and protocols are regularly updated to defend against the growing threats posed by viruses and hackers.

What are the benefits of CIAM?

CIAM enhances user experience and security by providing seamless access, robust authentication, and authorization. It enables ethical data collection for personalization and compliance with regulations like GDPR. Overall, CIAM empowers organizations to deliver tailored services while safeguarding customer privacy and trust, ultimately driving engagement, loyalty, and business growth.





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