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Log in to Adobe Captivate Prime with SSO

Easily access Adobe Captivate Prime using SSO (Single Sign-On) with miniOrange.

Nov 17, 2023

What is Adobe Captivate Prime?

Adobe Captivate Prime is an LMS (learning management system) created by Adobe to enable a simple and centralized learning delivery system for organizations to deliver courses/training/educational content for customers, clients, partners, and any other relevant stakeholders.

What is the problem with Adobe Captivate Prime?

Adobe Captivate Prime does not have a user registration process. What this means is, users of the application can not go onto the website, make their own accounts by putting in their details like username, password, e-mail address and begin using the service just like all other services.

Adobe Captivate Prime requires a manual intervention – an Adobe Captivate Prime administrator needs to step in and individually generate a set of login credentials for each oncoming user and share these with the user. The process does not stop here, the administrator is also now required to share a password reset link with said user to ensure there is no credentials leakage between the users and the administrator.

What is the solution miniOrange provides?

This use case is a great example of bad design and an even better example of how miniOrange and its Identity and Access Management product steps in and solves this repetitive and error prone process with an easy, secure and completely automated alternative.

miniOrange provides a customizable self-registration form for your Adobe Captivate Prime users, wherein they can land on the form, enter their details, generate accounts and begin using Adobe Captivate Prime without the administrator having to step in on any step of the way.

The best part? You can easily customize the UI, look & feel, URL, color schemes, and all other components of the self-registration page provided by miniOrange to make it in-line with your personal preferences or brand guidelines.

miniOrange user flow for Adobe Captivate Prime

miniOrange’s automated Adobe Captivate Prime self-registration solution also allows you to integrate plugins and add-ons like woocommerce to handle the payment of courses and other resources for which Adobe Captivate Prime is being accessed, making this an entirely self-dependent and hyper optimised system which does not need any manual intervention.

How does our solution help you?

miniOrange’s automated Adobe Captivate Prime self-registration solution helps Captivate Prime administrators save a lot of time spent in manual credential generation processes. These are much more error prone than individual users making their own accounts and handling the access at the user level.

Unique benefits –

  • Saved time
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower error
  • Affordable solution


miniOrange’s automated Adobe Captivate Prime self-registration solution is an easy to set up solution that can save a tremendous amount of time for Adobe Captivate Prime LMS users. When the scale is at hundreds or even thousands of users, this solution is a must-have.

Our solution has been tried and tested by some of the biggest Adobe Captivate Prime customer organizations, and it has saved hundreds of hours for admins by outsourcing account creation to users in the most secure manner possible.


Simple setup steps to configure SSO into Adobe Captivate Prime with miniOrange.

Adobe recommends miniOrange on their Captivate Prime connectors page.

Learn more about miniOrange and our SSO, MFA, Adaptive, Provisioning solutions.



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