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Atlassian Server is gone but Marketplace Add-ons stays with you!

Atlassian server support is ending in February 2024. Existing customers have three years to migrate to Data Center or Cloud. Server support will be limited after February 2, 2022, with no new bug fixes or features. Marketplace add-on sales and renewals will end on February 2, 2023. miniOrange will be providing migration support for customers.

Mar 1, 2021

According to the Atlassian announcement that came out in October 2020, new server license sales have come to end on 2nd February 2021. Server support for existing licenses will continue to be offered by Atlassian until Feb 2024. However, maintenance and support pricing would increase for server licenses. Atlassian is providing all its server customers three years of time to migrate to the Data Center or Cloud depending on their business needs.

Focusing on the existing server licenses, until 2nd Feb 2022, Atlassian will provide support [database, java, browser] and bug fixes for server products. Beyond that, Atlassian will only provide security bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities until the products will reach the end of support i.e. 2nd Feb 2024. Server customers will also experience an increase in maintenance costs. Also, upgrading and downgrading of user tiers for server products and applications will be limited till 2nd Feb 2022.


Impact on Atlassian Marketplace Add-Ons

  • Existing server customers can still purchase server apps/ add-ons available on Atlassian Marketplace till 2nd Feb 2023.
  • Renewals for atlassian marketplace add-ons will also continue till “2023”.
  • Beyond that, you won’t be able to renew your add on license which implies end of server life in Atlassian.
  • If you have a Data Center instance, you will need to purchase a Data Center subscription of the add-on provided, the DC version is available on Marketplace.
  • If there is no Data Center version available, you can continue to use the server version of the app, though it comes with some risk as the app has not received an architecture review or been performance tested to ensure it can scale in a Data Center environment.
  • Whenever a Data Center version becomes available, you will then need to purchase a Data Center subscription to use it on your Data Center instance.

As a customer centric Atlassian SSO vendor, we are committed in helping our server customers to migrate to Data Center. We will be providing full support and maintenance for all our Server add-ons till 2024.


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