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Set up Multi-factor Authentication using Google Authenticator for DocuWare Cloud security

DocuWare Cloud is a document management system that works for all business sizes to store and manage files along with workflow automation. Businesses depend on it for performing their daily redundant tasks easily, such as file storage and file transfer. With this dependency comes the risk of security. Any security threat leading to DocuWare Cloud downtime causes a delay in tasks and loss of crucial business time. In this blog, we will talk about how you can use a No Code MFA for DocuWare Cloud security and boost team productivity.

Aug 22, 2023

Why do you need MFA for DocuWare Cloud Security?

An MFA layer is a comprehensive method of user identity verification, instead of simply using a username-password pair. Here are the reasons why you should use MFA for DocuWare Cloud Security.

  • Easier managing of unmanaged accounts: If a user’s account details are stolen, he/she still won’t be risking business-critical data as the hacker will not be able to bypass the MFA layer securing DocuWare.

  • Dual Security Layer for Remote users: Post-pandemic, a lot of company employees prefer working in a hybrid mode, so for the days they Work From Home the MFA layer guarantees that an authorized user is accessing the DocuWare files.

  • Compliance Inclusion: MFA allows your organization to stay compliant with the industry-specified security standards for user data protection and privacy rules. This way you can securely use DocuWare while staying compliance inclusive.

4 Benefits of using MFA for DocuWare Cloud Security

  • Additional Security Layer: An MFA is a security wall to prevent unauthorized users from reaching your DocuWare files.

  • Fraud Prevention: An MFA guarantees that the users are who they say they are at the time of login, proving to be an authentic solution for DocuWare.

  • Boosts Productivity and adds Flexibility: Users can now securely access DocuWare from anywhere and from any device now that an MFA layer is available, which increases flexibility and reduces stress on users of remembering passwords which improves work productivity. Cost Effective: MFA reduces the odds of “risky business” and helps in saving expenditure on DocuWare security management.

Which MFA methods are supported for DocuWare Cloud Security?

Here are all the MFA methods that we can use to safeguard your DocuWare cloud application.

  • Authenticator Apps: You can use Authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy Authenticator. We also have our own Authenticator app called the miniOrange Authenticator.

  • OTP over SMS and Email: You get an OTP over your registered email and phone number for authentication.

  • OTP over a phone call: An automated phone call will provide you with an OTP for your users to log in.

  • Security questions: Answer a set of security questions before users can access DocuWare Hardware Token Authentication: In this method, you need to connect a physical USB token to your computer, which generates an alphabetic key.

Here’s the working for MFA for DocuWare Software Security.

Now let’s see how our MFA solution works for DocuWare software security.This solution can work dynamically and is triggered when there are

  • A change in the user IP address. When the users try to access documents and are not the whitelisted Network IP.

  • A change in the user’s location. When users try to access restricted content when they are not in the whitelisted region.

Steps to display the working of MFA for DocuWare security:

  • When a user tries to access the DocuWare cloud application and is not using the whitelisted network IP, the MFA method will be triggered.
  • On the MFA screen, the user has to enter OTP provided on a selected MFA method like Email, Authentication app (like Google Authenticator for web applications), or Phone.
  • After successful validation of OTP, the user will be able to access the DocuWare application.

MFA for DocuWare Cloud security

In Summary

In this blog we saw how you can set up an MFA for DocuWare Cloud software, to enable security and boost team productivity for daily business use for DocuWare document management. We support several MFA methods for you to pick and choose the method that best suits you and your organization.

So if you are on the market looking to upgrade to a modern MFA for DocuWare Cloud software security, miniOrange is the ideal solution and provides the best global support. Shoot us a query at and we’ll walk you through the entire process. Sign up now by following this link.

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