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ServiceNow CASB Cloud Security for Compliance and Granular Access Control

ServiceNow is the most common software solution you’ll find in use at the top Fortune 500 companies for their daily use in automating and managing their team workflows. The admin users, entire teams, and even customers can use the ServiceNow platform for smoother and more transparent communication using several ServiceNow apps and plugins.

Nov 1, 2023

ServiceNow is now a popular platform used throughout industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, and a lot more. With this increased acceptance of the ServiceNow platform, an internal data breach or unauthorized access to confidential data is an extremely likely event. In this blog we will see how the miniOrange ServiceNow CASB works to secure your data, provide ServiceNow IaaS security, ensures compliance, provides deep visibility and enables granular access control for ServiceNow over all your data.

What is ServiceNow CASB?

A CASB is a robust cloud security solution designed to monitor, and detect potential areas of data breaches and grants access control policies over your cloud apps before your users can interact with any of the data stored on ServiceNow.


The ServiceNow CASB security solution that works to secure and maintain control over your cloud data by sitting in between incoming access requests and filtering out unauthorized user access requests. This way, the ServiceNow CASB manages to secure your data from unauthorized users while providing complete control over its access policies and provides granular access control for ServiceNow cloud security.

What are the apps under ServiceNow?

Here’s a list of all the apps under ServiceNow that are secured with the miniOrange ServiceNow CASB,


IT Service Management (ITSM): This application focuses on managing IT services and processes, such as incident management, problem management, change management, and service catalog.


IT Operations Management (ITOM): ITOM helps organizations monitor and manage their IT infrastructure, including network devices, servers, applications, and cloud resources.


IT Business Management (ITBM): ITBM provides tools for managing IT projects, portfolios, and resources. It includes modules for project management, demand management, agile development, and financial management.


Customer Service Management (CSM): CSM enables organizations to deliver excellent customer service by providing tools for managing customer inquiries, requests, and cases.


HR Service Delivery (HRSD): HRSD focuses on streamlining and automating HR processes, including employee onboarding, offboarding, case management, and knowledge management.


Security Operations (SecOps): SecOps helps organizations manage security incidents, vulnerabilities, and threats by providing tools for security incident response, threat intelligence, and vulnerability response.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC): GRC offers capabilities for managing and mitigating risks, ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, and auditing organizational processes.


Software Asset Management (SAM): SAM enables organizations to effectively manage software licenses, track software usage, and optimize software costs.


Field Service Management (FSM): FSM is designed for organizations that provide field services. It helps manage work orders, dispatch technicians, track field activities, and optimize service delivery.

What are the benefits of using the ServiceNow CASB Cloud Security?

Here are the top benefits for why you’ll need a ServiceNow CASB to secure your business data,


Compliance Inclusion: Keep your business compliant and updated with the latest security standards and protocols to be followed in the industry.


Data Protection: Protect Cloud data access from unknown and unauthorized user access at run time.


Threat Detection: Actively monitor for potential threats targeting your cloud infrastructure and mitigate them by isolating the threat vectors.


Deep Visibility: Get deep insights into user actions and gain visibility into what they are accessing and the cloud resources they are using.


User Entity and Behavior Analytics: Assign a user risk score to each user for every suspicious activity, and once the score crosses a threshold completely restrict the user from accessing any more cloud apps and alert the SOC team.


Threat Reports: Generate detailed threat reports with ServiceNow CASB to gain deep insights into your cloud app usage and infrastructure security status.

ServiceNow CASB Solution

Working of the ServiceNow CASB Cloud Security to secure your Business

Let’s understand how the ServiceNow CASB cloud security works for securing your business data and helps you stay compliant.


Suppose we have a user, Toby, who has been working with your company for years now. Toby has applied for a resignation and is about to submit his laptop. But just before returning his laptop and access to all the company documents, he decides to steal sensitive customer data on ServiceNow.


miniOrange CASB detects this behavior and restricts Toby’s access to sensitive customer data and alerts the SOC team of this risky behavior. This is how the miniOrange ServiceNow CASB works in real-time to detect risky user behavior, detect data threats, and keeps your business compliant at all times.

ServiceNow CASB Solution

In Summary

In this blog, we saw how the ServiceNow CASB cloud security works to secure your business data, enable cloud IaaS security on ServiceNow and ensure that your company stays compliant with the security regulations, provide complete data protection, actively monitors for potential threat vectors and provides deep visibility into user actions with the ServiceNow CASB.


So if you are on the market looking for all these features and more for your ServiceNow services, miniOrange CASB is the go to solution to meet all your security needs. Our competitive pricing and globally recognized support team is what keep us ahead of our competition to provide you with the best security experience.


So what are you waiting for? Shoot us a query at we will get right back to you and address all CASB security needs!

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