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Microsoft 365 CASB for Sharepoint for Business Data Security and Compliance

Microsoft Sharepoint is a new player on the market that also offers a collaboration and project status tracking workflow between teams for managers to see progress from every possible view. Microsoft Sharepoint security is now a critical part of the office infrastructure and a tool, that every employee uses daily to update their tickets and track team progress to ensure that deadlines are met on time.

Nov 1, 2023

All these amazing features of Sharepoint comes the looming threat of business data security and the potential threat of leaking business sensitive data from within the enterprise. To mitigate such a disaster, your business needs the Microsoft 365 CASB security solution for data security while keeping your business compliant. In this blog, we will see how the Microsoft 365 CASB works to provide data security and compliance for Microsoft Sharepoint security. So let’s get started!

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based platform that allows organizations to create, manage, and share documents, content, and collaborative tools. It offers a seamless collaboration, version control system, and information sharing offering between teams and office departments, to improve productivity and communication within an organization.


Microsoft Sharepoint simplifies the project and streamlines the process of data sharing and brings transparency into the organization.

Why do you need Microsoft SharePoint security?

With all these features and ease of access for employees, there is a very likely possibility of data leaks within the organization and disgruntled employees may purposefully leak company sensitive data. Due to a lack of security protocols and in-app security restrictions, these user can download all the sensitive files onto their personal devices and share them to an untrusted third-party resource.


This is why you need Microsoft Sharepoint security and set up a CASB solution for MS 365 to help your SOC team detect in mitigate these threat vectors before they cause an irreversible amount of damage to the company’s reputation.


Now let’s understand how the MS 365 CASB ensures Microsoft Sharepoint security in detail.

How can you provide Microsoft Sharepoint security with MS 365 CASB?

The Microsoft 365 CASB security solution is designed to mitigate any form of corporate espionage, detect “risky business practices”, and set security restrictions over your entire Microsoft 365 app suite, including Microsoft Sharepoint, to provide transparency to your SOC team and alert them a malicious activity is detected.


With the MS 365 CASB, you can configure individual app security policies and compliance rules, including Microsoft Sharepoint security, to prevent data violations and prevent users from accessing the data from outside the scope of access. The CASB is designed to provide Compliance, Data Security, Threat Detection, and grants Deep visibility into user actions.

Working example of MS 365 CASB for enabling Microsoft SharePoint Security

Suppose we have a user, Brian, who is collaborating with his team in completing a project that needs to be delivered on time to a client. Due to the sensitive nature of the client, the team members have been advised to work on anything related to the project using their office-authorized laptops only. But Brian decides to work again once he reaches home, and logs in to the company account using his personal laptop.


As soon as he opens the Microsoft Sharepoint, miniOrange MS 365 CASB security protocols kick in and detect that an unauthorized device has tried to access Microsoft Sharepoint. It immediately blocks access to Sharepoint, and further revokes all access to Brian’s account from accessing any other application data so as to isolate the threat.

Microsoft SharePoint CASB Solution

The Microsoft 365 CASB then alerts the SOC team members of malicious activity threatening the Sharepoint data. Once the SOC team has checked and verified that Brian’s activity was not a threat to the Sharepoint data, his access permissions are reinstated and he can now resume using Microsoft Sharepoint but only through his work laptop.

Microsoft SharePoint CASB Access

This is how the miniOrange MS 365 CASB security solution works in real-time to secure your Sharepoint data, and monitors user actions to detect all kinds of behavior that may pose a threat to your company image and may leak sensitive business data.

Benefits of using the MS 365 CASB for Microsoft Sharepoint security

Here are the top benefits of using the MS 365 CASB solution for Microsoft SharePoint security,


Data Security: MS 365 CASB actively works in real-time to check for access permissions and if any requests came from outside the scope of access.


Granular visibility and control: You can now obtain insights to the smallest level of detail for each of your Microsoft 365 apps, including Microsoft Sharepoint security, and set custom access restriction rules to protect business data.


Compliance Inclusion: Compliance for Microsoft Sharepoint enterprise security helps to configure data protection and detailed insight gathering to prevent users from going against the business policies, and comply with the industry requirements with the miniOrange MS 365 CASB security.


Analytics and Reports: Monitoring Cloud activity and generating threat reports help your teams to find fresh observations. This way you can visualize data to see increased unusual activity with an app and peak downtimes. This benefits the architecture teams by boosting their infrastructure for improved productivity with strong analytics.


User Risk Score Assessment: Depending on the user activity, a risk score is assigned to each user to flag them based on their activity with Microsoft Sharepoint. Once the score exceeds the threshold value, necessary security restrictions configured will revoke all access and isolate the user from further interacting with Sharepoint and any other MS 365 apps.


Additional Solutions Incorporation: Alongside miniOrange CASB security, you can also check out our other Microsoft Office 365 enterprise security products as well. All our solutions can be integrated individually or alongside the miniOrange MS 365 CASB.

In Summary

In this blog, we saw how the miniOrange MS 365 CASB actively works to secure your business data stored on Microsoft Sharepoint and provides you with detailed insights into user activity to mitigate threats and further isolate them from spreading into your infrastructure. Our Microsoft Sharepoint CASB solution is versatile and works at run time to mitigate all types of threats attempting to leak business data and sell them to unknown third-party organizations.


So if you are looking for a top notch CASB solutions to secure your Microsoft Sharepoint, miniOrange is the best solution on the CASB market with a globally recognized support team to help you get started and attend to all your custom security needs to boost office productivity.


So what are you waiting for? Shoot us a query at we will get right back to you and address all CASB security requirements!

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