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Want to manage your users through bulk user management?

Effortlessly manage your users using our Bulk User Management app. Schedule automated operations like deactivation, reactivation, and app access removal. Effectively handle groups and import/export files, including user data. Additionally, Save on expenses by automatically deactivating users when necessary.

What is Bulk User Management ?

Handling multiple users, activating and deactivating them seems to be a difficult process. The process of deactivating the inactive users to save licensed users might also seem to be a very tedious task as one would have to go through a whole process to first filter out the inactive users and then select each user individually and then deactivate them.

This is where the miniOrange Bulk User Management comes into play and reduces this whole process into a few simple steps.

It is available for JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and Crowd.

Handle Multiple Users At Once?

Bulk User management helps you to administer users (effectively manage users), with which you can also automatically deactivate or discontinue inactive users, this makes it cost effective by saving your licensed user count. Bulk user actions allow you to perform changes on several users at once, such as adding them to a group or deleting all users of a specific group along with many other features.

Bulk User Management

What is the use of Bulk User Management?

To show you the importance of Bulk User Management here is an example. Let’s say a company has a total of 500 employees. The admin might want to activate, deactivate or delete some users. But that would be a tedious task as the admin would have to select a single user every time to deactivate, activate or delete a user. To perform this action he will have to look for the user by searching his or her username and then go to the information of the user and then from the various options choose the option to delete/activate or deactivate the user. Then press on the confirm pop up box and after this long process the action is performed. While the inbuilt user management of Atlassian is very good, it doesn’t provide the feature to delete/activate or deactivate multiple users which would in turn help the admin administer the users and also prevent wastage of time.

It basically allows the admin to perform operations in bulk on users in one go directly from the view users page without selecting every single user individually.

Now it might be briefly clear as to why you need miniOrange’s Bulk User Management plugin. But this is not where the features of our Bulk User Management plugin seizes.


With our plugin you can deactivate users who haven’t logged in to their account for a particular amount of days. Let’s say you want users who haven’t logged in for 20 days to be deactivated, all you have to do is enable the auto deactivate users button and the users who haven’t logged in for 20 days will be deactivated.

We also have a scheduler which deactivates users. The scheduler runs after every certain number of days selected by the admin and hence the process would be performed after every cycle is complete and thus automate the whole process.

One can also add or remove users from a particular group. Let’s say the admin wants to remove 5 users from jira software users group and wants to add 2 users to jira administrators group, with the help of Bulk User Management he can do it within a few seconds by selecting all of them at once and selecting the group in which he wants to add or remove the users from.

An additional feature of exporting and importing users is also provided. Users can be exported in CSV.

If the admin wants an overview of all the actions he or she performed all they have to do is go to Audit logs and check the actions they have performed. It gives a detailed view of the action performed, when it was performed (date and time), on whom it was performed on (username), their IP address and whether the action performed on the user was manual or automatic.

Bulk User Management Features

  • Automatically Manage your Jira license by deactivating the user at the right time
  • Bulk Delete users / Deactivate Inactive users and save user licenses for Jira
  • Bulk Activate Users and Auto user deactivator for Jira.
  • Export/Import users for Jira in CSV
  • Remote external directories supported
  • Search users by Inactive/Active/All users filter.
  • Search users by filter groups, name, emails etc.


You can try our Bulk user Management Add-on for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and Crowd.

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