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Microsoft Cloud App Security with
CASB Solution

Microsoft Office 365 enterprise secures applications from cyber attacks with the powerful miniOrange Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Solutions. Our state-of-the-art cloud security solution provides complete control over data storage and sharing within your organization's Microsoft Cloud app security. Ensure compliance, enhance visibility, and improve threat detection using Office 365 enterprise security with CASB integration.

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What is Microsoft Cloud App Security?

Microsoft Office 365 CASB Integrations

Our Integration Ecosystem

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Seamless Assistance

Integrating Office 365 enterprise security CASB solution is a streamlined and straightforward procedure.

    Here are the steps we follow:

  • Assessment : miniOrange Microsoft cloud app security CASB integration carefully assesses your company's security requirements and adjusts the integration as necessary.
  • Integration : We ensure there is no disruption to your regular business operations by seamlessly installing Microsoft cloud app security CASB into your Office 365 environment.
  • Configuration : We provide access controls, security policies, and threat detection settings to precisely match your specific Microsoft cloud CASB security requirements.
  • Training : Our committed team offers thorough training and support to ensure you get the most out of the integrated Microsoft cloud CASB solution.
Microsoft Office 365 CASB Integration steps

Our Solutions

Real-Time MS 365 CASB for Office Security

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With miniOrange's Office 365 enterprise security,your IT team can monitor user activity and interactions with business-sensitive data. The SOC team can create custom security rules to safeguard data and impose stringent controls on permissions for data access. All your regular office apps are protected with the Microsoft Cloud CASB solution, and the security controls operate in real time. A CASB solution actively monitors your cloud infrastructure to detect threats and potential malware attacks. This way, the Microsoft Cloud CASB integration ensures that all your apps and data are secured at all times, meeting compliance requirements and boosting overall cloud security.

Key Features of Using Microsoft O365 CASB for Cloud App Security

Let’s look at the top features of using a Microsoft O365 CASB integration for your organization

Microsoft Office 365 CASB Solutions

Data Protection

Protect a user's data from all unauthorized users and apps ever accessing the company data.

Compliance Ready

Office 365 enterprise security with CASB solutions are designed to help businesses in staying Compliant with the latest security standards set by the industry.

Threat Detection

Threat Detection finds threats in real-time and is triggered whenever unauthorized access to a Microsoft O365 CASB solutions app and marks this action as a threat.

Deep Visibility

Visibility and Transparency are key to any business. With Deep Visibility, you can look at the smallest level of detail for a user as well as monitor their actions.

Malware Mitigation

Microsoft Office 365 CASB solution can detect and mitigate malware attacks (like ransomware) from ever encrypting your data and regularly monitor each data source to detect malware attacks.

User Risk Scoring

Each user is assigned a score for their behavior. Once the risk score crosses a threshold, all access permission is revoked for the Microsoft O365 app data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Our Microsoft 365 CASB

How does miniOrange Microsoft 365 CASB differ from Microsoft Cloud Defender?

miniOrange Microsoft 365 CASB offers a more user-friendly interface for easy security rule configuration. It also supports custom security needs with personalized assistance to select the best solutions for your business.

Which Microsoft 365 apps are supported by miniOrange CASB?

miniOrange CASB supports all Microsoft 365 apps, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Teams, Skype, OneNote, and OneDrive. It also integrates perfectly with Microsoft Azure CASB.

How to get started with miniOrange Microsoft 365 CASB Security?

Just drop us a query at info@xecurify.com and we'll promptly connect to discuss your Microsoft 365 CASB needs.

Is it necessary to use both CASB and DLP to secure data in Microsoft 365?

Yes, Combining CASB and DLP provides comprehensive data security for Microsoft 365. CASB governs data access across cloud applications, while DLP focuses on protecting the data within these applications.

Does miniOrange store any customer data?

miniOrange does not retain, copy, or backup any customer data. Our team adheres strictly to data protection regulations, like GDPR, ensuring no tracking or storing of customer data at any level.


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