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CASB Integration

Get complete control over your Oracle apps and services with miniOrange Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). Our cutting-edge solution fits right into your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), giving you peace of mind with advanced risk assessment and strong data protection.

  Granular access controls to take control of your Oracle Cloud apps and services.

  Real-time visibility to detect threats across your entire Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Blocking Personal Email Access

What is Oracle CASB?

Oracle CASB cloud service is like a security guard for your Oracle cloud environment. It helps you keep track of all Oracle cloud apps in your organization, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), and more. Whether it’s identifying risky configurations, detecting compromised accounts, or enforcing security best practices, Oracle CASB is your trusted ally in securing your Oracle cloud footprint.

Seamless Assistance

Integrating miniOrange CASB with Oracle apps is a simple and straightforward process.

Seamless Assistance Oracle CASB Integration

    Here are the steps we follow:

  • Assessment: miniOrange carefully examines your Oracle app security requirements and adjusts the integration as required.
  • Integration: We ensure that the installation of Oracle CASB has no impact on your business operations.
  • Configuration: We provide access controls, security policies, and threat detection settings that are tailored to your specific Oracle CASB cloud service needs.
  • Training: Our committed team provides you with through training and support to ensure you get the most out of the Oracle CASB integrated solution.

Benefits of Oracle CASB Integration

Deep Visibility And Control Over All Your Oracle Cloud Apps

Track all user activities, configurations, and security settings across your Oracle SaaS apps and ensure they align with your security policies.

Detect Malicious Users With Advanced Threat Detection

Quickly identify and address malicious activity, high-risk users, compromised accounts, and insider threats.

Stay Compliant with Industry Standards

Easily maintain compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements with automated compliance assessments and detailed reporting capabilities.

Unmatched Data Security and Privacy

Protect sensitive data from exposure with sophisticated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities and encryption key management.

Simplified Security Operations

Automate security incident responses and reduce manual tasks with integrated workflows and customizable alerts, improving your security team’s efficiency.

Features of Oracle CASB Integration

Atlassian CASB Integration features

Complete Cloud App Coverage

Secures your complete Oracle Cloud suite, including Oracle ERP, SCM, CX, HCM, and more, under our single Oracle CASB solution.

Risk Assessment and Analytics

Continuously assess risk levels across your CASB Oracle cloud apps, offering actionable insights for threat mitigation.

Shadow IT Discovery

Identifies unauthorized devices that are connecting and utilizing your resources in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Configurable Security Policies

Customize security policies to meet your specific business needs, ensuring optimal protection without impacting productivity.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Round-the-clock monitoring and immediate detection of suspicious activities, ensuring a quick response to mitigate potential threats.

Adaptive Restrictions

Sets security restrictions that take effect when an update is made in your work environment, all in real-time.

Our Solution

Our CASB solution is designed to keep your Oracle cloud apps and data secure and compliant. With real-time threat detection, Shadow IT discovery, and risk assessment, you can ensure the safety of your Oracle apps like ERP, OCI, HCM, and more to prevent potential breaches. Trust miniOrange Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to actively protect your cloud data and maintain industry compliance.

Popular Use Cases of Oracle CASB


CASB Oracle solution can identify potential insider threats or compromised accounts. It helps in tracking user activities and identifying unauthorized Oracle Cloud app access in real-time. It strengthens your Oracle cloud security measures, ensuring compliance and reducing risks.


miniOrange Oracle CASB cloud service secures your digital assets by actively scanning for irregularities and enforcing strong access controls. It protects your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) against potential threats and risks.

Platform Support

Oracle CASB keeps your cloud platforms safe, which work across different cloud services. Our solution makes sure the security of your Oracle applications remains strong and uniform, making your Oracle Cloud environment even safer.


Experience seamless data protection with miniOrange CASB and DLP integration. Effectively monitor, detect, and prevent data loss across your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Ensure strong protection for all your business data with our combined security feature.

Multiple SaaS App Support

miniOrange CASB makes it simple to secure Oracle cloud apps such as Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM), Advertising and Customer Experience (CX), and Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), ensuring that they blend in seamlessly and remain secure.


Maximize security effectiveness through miniOrange Oracle CASB's advanced security analytics. By keeping an eye on data as it happens and doing spot checks when needed, businesses can spot weak spots early, catch any strange behavior from users, and get stronger at stopping future threats.

Manage Misconfigurations

With monitoring and security configuration enforcement policies, Our Oracle CASB ensures consistency and increases security across your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), lowering the risk of security vulnerabilities and compliance issues.


miniOrange Oracle CASB's flexibility supports all deployment models to meet the needs of your organization, whether it is fully cloud-based, private cloud, or on-premises. This ensures seamless integration and best-in-class security measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Our Oracle CASB

What is Oracle CASB Solution?

Oracle CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) is a security tool that monitors and manages data security across various Oracle cloud environments, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), and more.

Can businesses of any size use miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution?

Yes, miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution is scalable and can be tailored to meet the security needs of any size business, from small startups to large enterprises.

Is miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution compatible with other cloud services?

miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution is compatible with multiple cloud platforms, like Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

What are the top benefits of miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution?

With miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution, businesses can enhance the security of their Oracle apps using real-time threat detection, compliance assessments, and automated responses to potential security incidents.

Can miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution integrate with on-premises applications?

Yes, miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution can be configured to monitor and protect both cloud-based and on-premises applications.

How do I get started with miniOrange Oracle CASB Solution?

Just send an email to info@xecurify.com, and we'll connect with you to discuss your specific requirements related to Oracle CASB Solution.


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