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Microsoft 365 CASB
for Cloud app security

Microsoft 365 CASB secures your Office 365 apps from unauthorized users and third-party apps trying to steal your company's confidential data and helps you stay compliant with your company’s industry-standard requirements related to data protection and threat governance. CASB for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure CASB is designed for providing unbreachable security throughout systems in your company.

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Microsoft 365 CASB Integration Security

What is Microsoft 365 CASB for Cloud App Security?

Microsoft CASB Integration

What are the benefits of using Microsoft 365 CASB for enterprise cloud security?

Here are the top benefits of using Microsoft Cloud App Security CASB for your business

CASB Granular Access Control

You can set custom user access restrictions down to the smallest detail for accessing any of the apps in the Microsoft 365 suite depending on user roles, IP address, Country of access, Time, and Devices in use.

Cloud Access Security Broker Analytics and Reporting

We provide you with a detailed analysis of all threats the CASB solution detected and mitigated for the SOC teams to gain detailed insights and find areas of possible attacks, risking data breaches on the Microsoft 365 apps.

Cloud Access Security Broker DLP Integration

DLP or Data Loss Prevention is a tool meant for monitoring and preventing the company's sensitive data from ever leaking out by using deep content analysis to detect any form of confidential data and preventing the flow between apps and unauthorized users.

CASB Additional Security Integration

You can easily integrate more security solutions with the Microsoft 365 CASB when needed, with support for all Microsoft 365 apps. We also provide custom solutions to help you meet all your security goals in helping you reach your project goals.

Key Features of Using Microsoft 365 CASB for Cloud App Security

Let’s look at the top features of using a Microsoft 365 CASB solution for your organization

Google Workspace Account Security Features

Data Protection

Protect a user's data from all unauthorized users and apps ever accessing the company data.

Compliance Ready

CASBs are designed to help businesses in staying Compliant with the latest security standards set by the industry.

Threat Detection

Threat Detection finds threats in real-time and is triggered whenever unauthorized access to a Microsoft 365 app and marks this action as a threat.

Deep Visibility

Visibility and Transparency are key to any business. With Deep Visibility, you can look at the smallest level of detail for a user as well as monitor their actions.

Malware Mitigation

Microsoft Cloud App Security CASB can detect and mitigate malware attacks (like ransomware) from ever encrypting your data and regularly monitor each data source to detect malware attacks.

User Risk Scoring

Each user is assigned a score for their behavior. Once the risk score crosses a threshold, all access permission is revoked for the Microsoft 365 app data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Our Microsoft 365 CASB

How is miniOrange Microsoft 365 CASB different from the Native Microsoft Cloud Defender?

miniOrange Cloud App Security Security CASB is more user-friendly where you can easily configure your security rules on the CASB itself. Additionally, if you have any custom security requirements, our team is here to walk you through a whole bunch of solutions to help you choose the right fit for you. Moreover, you also get to experience the miniOrange DLP as well to secure your Microsoft 365 app data stored on your devices.

Which Microsoft 365 apps can we secure with our CASB?

We support all Microsoft 365 apps including Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, Teams, Skype, OneNote, and OneDrive. We even support Microsoft Azure CASB.

How can I get started with miniOrange Microsoft 365 CASB Security?

Just drop us a query at info@xecurify.com and we will get right back to you to discuss your CASB requirements for Microsoft 365 apps.

Does miniOrange provide a DLP solution as well?

Yes, we certainly do provide a DLP solution for Microsoft Cloud App Security as well. You can learn more about the miniOrange DLP from here.

Should I use both CASB and DLP together for securing Microsoft 365?

CASB and DLP are both necessary security solutions. CASB security is meant for governing your data by controlling which cloud app the data resource is shared with. On the other hand, a DLP is meant to govern data on the cloud apps the data resource is shared with. Combined together, Microsoft Cloud App Security CASB and DLP control how your business data is governed internally and externally for complete data protection.

Does miniOrange Retain Any Customer Data?

miniOrange does not copy, backup, or retain any customer data. Even our employees do not track, copy, backup, or retain any customer data. All our solutions are compliant with data protection and support team members have all passed a thorough background check.

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