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Enable SSO into Shopify Admin & Add Unlimited Staff Members

Enable Single Sign On (SSO) in Shopify Admin & add unlimited staff members & restrict their access based on tags. Also supports SSO login via Multiple IDPs.

Aug 9, 2023

Enable secure Single Sign-On (SSO) access to your Staff Members and add an unlimited number of staff members in Shopify Admin to manage your Shopify Store. You can completely own your Shopify Store by restricting your staff member’s access based on tags assigned to them. Login from multiple IDPs is also supported which will help in authenticating users from different IDPs for your Plus & Non-plus Shopify Store.

Have you ever dreamt of completely owning your Shopify Store and being able to manage your Store as per your needs?

With the most cost-effective “SSO into Admin Dashboard” application by miniOrange, it is now possible to add unlimited users as staff members to manage your Shopify Store and streamline the entire store management process. Adding unlimited Staff Members to their Shopify Stores has been a dream for many merchants. Until now there was no other way to add unlimited Staff Members to your Non-Plus Shopify Store. miniOrange took this into consideration and developed an application that will allow merchants to add an unlimited number of staff members in their Shopify Store to manage different sections of their Store like orders, products, customers etc. Merchants can assign members to a specific section which will ease the Store Management process in Shopify. This application works for the Non-Plus stores of Shopify as well, isn’t it great?

Can we compare it with Shopify’s existing functionalities and is it expensive?

With miniOrange application enable SSO into Shopify allowing users to login using a single set of credentials. Also, allow your staff members to SSO into Shopify’s admin dashboard allowing an unlimited number of users to be added to manage your store. You can go with the Shopify basic plan and install miniOrange applications that will securely fulfil your requirements in a very affordable way. SSO into Admin Dashboard Application will enable more features than that of Shopify Plus. Good thing is that it comes at a very affordable price in comparison to Shopify’s Plus Subscription.

Is it better than Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus already allows the merchants to add an unlimited number of staff members to manage their stores. So how come our application is still better than the Shopify Plus?

With our SSO into Admin Dashboard Application, you can enable SSO from any Identity Providers like Okta, Azure AD, AWS Cognito, ADFS, etc. using the standard authentication protocols like SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, JWT, LDAP, etc. Enable support for multiple IDPs in your Plus Store using our SSO into Admin Dashboard application. Shopify Plus supports multipass to allow SSO for its users, however, its functionalities are limited only to a single IDP and SAML Authentication Protocol. With our SSO into Admin Dashboard application, you can enable SSO into Shopify Admin using any standard authentication protocol and integrate multiple IDPs. Our application also supports Cross Protocol, i.e. configuring Service Provider following a particular protocol with an Identity Provider following some different protocol. For Example, a SAML Identity Provider can be connected to an OAuth Service Provider without needing to implement any complex operations. You can also integrate SSO via user stores from an Active Directory or from a database like MySQL.

I have added the Staff Members to my store what next?

Assign specific roles to your staff members. You can assign user roles in such a way that a user can be assigned to perform a role as small as just deleting the customers. Likewise, a user can be given complete access to all sections of your Store as well. Hence, you can assign roles according to the expertise of the staff members and manage your Shopify Store flawlessly. Once the staff roles are assigned let our SSO into Admin Dashboard Application do all the magic for you.

What all operations can be performed by the Staff Members using SSO into Shopify Admin?

  1. CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) operations on the orders, products, customers, discounts, etc. from the Admin Dashboard directly.
  2. Provide discount coupons to customers based on tags assigned to them.
  3. Publish, edit, and update the Shopify Themes from the admin dashboard.
  4. Create draft orders and convert them to real orders.
  5. Get a sense of your store’s order volume and flow, as well as overall fulfillment performance, with orders reports.
  6. Track Total Sales so that you know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals, So Keep track of everyday sales in your store.

Operations supported by Shopify SSO

Use cases solved using SSO into Shopify Admin

  1. Looking to enable Single Sign On (SSO) into Shopify’s Admin Dashboard. One-click Login for all users using only a single set of login credentials.
  2. Want to add an unlimited number of staff members in Shopify Admin to manage your Store.
  3. Restrict access to different sections of Shopify admin based on the role assigned to users.
  4. Want to enable SSO for your Staff Members based in Multiple Identity Providers (IDPs) and restrict their access based on their IDP or tags.
  5. Create different internal teams and allow a team to access only the section they work on.

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