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Get unlimited staff accounts on Shopify without Shopify Plus

Get Shopify Plus features on a basic Shopify account. Shopify Plus features can be used on your regular Shopify account by configuring a reverse proxy server to set Shopify staff permissions and provide unlimited staff accounts to Shopify for non-plus stores.

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Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

What are Shopify Plus Multi Staff accounts?

Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

How to get unlimited staff accounts on your Non-Plus Shopify Plans?

Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

6 Benefits of getting Shopify Multi Staff accounts with Reverse Proxy

Unlimited Multi Staff Accounts

You get UNLIMITED staff accounts without Shopify Plus to work on the Shopify dashboard, using just one Staff account credential. With this, an entire team can access the Shopify dashboard and various sections of the Shopify dashboard such as customers, orders, products, etc simultaneously.

Role-based access control

Users will only be able to access those Shopify sections (say customers or orders) based on the roles defined for the Shopify store admin dashboard, which is set at the reverse proxy end itself. The user actions can be tracked by the reverse proxy, by tracking the user ID and what changes they have made.

Additional Security Integrations

With a reverse proxy in place, users can integrate multiple security solutions such as SSO, 2FA/MFA, restricting access to Shopify store admin dashboard based on IP, Location and user device, and many more at the time of login.

Easy to manage team accounts

You can set rules and manage Shopify staff permissions for an entire group (team) by configuring the Shopify organization settings.

Time Saving

You'll have less strange activities on client accounts if you implement a Multi factor authentication method, which means you'll spend less money on security management. The Multi Staff feature saves a lot of time as several users can work simultaneously on their respective sections in the Shopify admin dashboard.


Setting a reverse proxy is much cheaper and efficient than opting for a $2,000 Shopify Plus account, and gets the same thing done.

How does Reverse Proxy provide Multi Staff accounts for Shopify non-plus users?

Let’s understand the working of reverse proxy to provide Multi Staff feature with Shopify login for non-plus users.



Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

A Staff user sends a request to login to the Shopify admin dashboard.



Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

The SAML SSO login authentication request will go to the reverse proxy server.



Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

The reverse proxy will now map the user roles from the user pool present in their IdP.



Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

The user will now be logged in to Shopify with just one Staff account credential.



Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

Now users can access different sections based on the roles defined to access the Shopify.



Shopify unlimited staff accounts Reverse Proxy

This allows users of any role access the Shopify account based on the roles.

This way the Shopify organization admin can set Shopify staff permissions to sign into Shopify store using just a single staff user login credential easily using Shopify Multi Staff feature without Shopify plus, based on their roles and capabilities.

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