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Secure Shopify Admin Login

Secure Shopify login with a Reverse Proxy to whitelist IP addresses for Shopify and block countries from accessing your Shopify store site. With this, you prevent unauthorized user access and restrict potential threats from your Shopify admin login. You can also configure your Shopify staff permissions and all user access controls with this solution.

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secure shopify admin login Reverse proxy

What is Shopify?

Shopify provides a one-stop solution for users who want to start an online e-commerce website or online store. For this, users have several tools and Shopify themes available on the Shopify website which they access by creating a Shopify account. The tools allow users to construct online shops and websites for selling everything from food to clothing. A few popular eCommerce websites created by using Shopify themes are Pipcorn, Joco Cups, and Allbirds. Also, there are Shopify partners who provide details about how to work with these themes and tools.

Currently, there are 10,000+ Shopify stores and Shopify websites and such a large number attracts a lot of cyber-attacks. Hackers mainly target the Shopify store admin login to steal and manipulate data. These issues have given rise to major security concerns.

How to secure your Shopify admin login?

There has been a significant increase in Shopify apps, especially since they launched the Shopify partner program. Every new store created using any Shopify themes and tools has a Shopify store admin dashboard. This dashboard needs to be secured due to the ongoing danger of hackers always planning phishing or brute-force attacks. We made Shopify SSO (Single Sign-On) secure by using a Reverse Proxy and listing allowed IP addresses on Shopify.

ip restriction shopify Reverse Proxy
Shopify IP Restriction, which grants access to only Shopify IP address whitelist ranges, to access your Shopify store admin dashboard. You can add an entire range of IPs and custom IP addresses to block IPs or grant access to IPs for your Shopify dashboard (also known as Shopify IP Whitelist).

device restriction Shopify Reverse Proxy
Shopify Device Restriction, allows only registered devices to access the Shopify admin login dashboard. Access is given based on unique Device IDs, while access from any other device will be denied. Limit the number of devices allowed. For example, grant access only through a browser and not from a mobile app.

location restriction Shopify Reverse Proxy
Shopify Country Restriction, which will block users from accessing the Shopify store admin dashboard login depending upon their countries of access. This reduces the danger of hackers attempting to log in to your Shopify admin dashboard (also known as Shopify Country Blocking).

These 3 approaches of Reverse Proxy provide security measures that are easy to implement and reliable. Shopify accounts and Shopify admin dashboard login are secure from cyber attacks and the user’s website and store with the data in it are completely safe along with the configured Shopify staff permissions (also known as Shopify Role Based Access Control).

Key Features of Shopify SSO Admin Login

Shopify SSO for both Admins and Customers

Shopify Single Sign-On (SSO) enhances both admin and customer login experiences. For admins, it simplifies managing multiple Shopify stores by eliminating the need for multiple passwords, while for customers, it lets them use just one set of login details to shop across different Shopify stores.

Shopify User Roles Based on IDP Groups

Improve security and manage users more easily by automatically giving specific roles based on their group in the Identity Provider (IDP). Configure customer user restrictions to secure Shopify admin login, making access simpler and keeping security consistent in your Shopify store.

Shopify IP Restriction

Elevates store security to allow only users with pre-approved IP addresses to access your Shopify admin login dashboard. This IP Restriction feature allows access within the intranet to ensure that unauthorized users can't gain access, even if they have login credentials unless their IP address is whitelisted.

Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive authentication in Shopify SSO adjusts the level of user authentication needed based on login attempts. It assesses risk factors like Network IP, device, location, and user behavior to decide on the necessary verification steps, improving security without compromising user convenience.

Device Restriction

Shopify Admin SSO with Device Restriction lets store owners decide which devices can access their Shopify admin login dashboard, such as allowing browser access only and not mobile app access. This ensures that only authorized devices can see sensitive information, greatly lowering the risk of data breaches.

Country-Based Restriction

Allow store owners to restrict Shopify admin login dashboard access based on the countries, geopolitical locations, and time zones (Shopify Country Blocking). This selective approach helps lower the risk of unauthorized access by restricting entry based on geographical location, making it an ideal security solution for businesses targeting specific regions.

SCIM Support

Enable seamless integration of user management systems, significantly reducing administrative work and minimizing errors. The SCIM feature ensures that only authorized personnel can access the Shopify admin dashboard, aligning with an organization's security protocols and streamlining access rights management.

Granular Access Control

Enable precise management of user permissions within the Shopify platform. Granular access control allows store owners to specify access rights for different team members, ensuring they can only interact with parts of the admin dashboard relevant to their roles.

Shopify Plus and Non-Plus Compatible

Shopify Admin SSO feature is designed to work seamlessly with both Shopify Plus and Non-Plus plans. Access various services and applications using a single set of credentials, enhancing both the user experience and security for merchants of all sizes.

Multi-Staff Functionality

Simplifies team access to the Shopify admin login dashboard by allowing multiple Shopify staff users to use a single set of login credentials. This streamlines the login process, enhances security by reducing the risk of password breaches, and makes managing user permissions and roles easier.

Compatibility with Multiple SSO Protocols

Shopify SSO Admin login is compatible with multiple protocols, like SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, JWT, LDAP, OpenID Connect, API authentication, etc. This feature enhances security and user convenience, allowing safe information exchange between Shopify apps without compromising user credentials.

How does a Reverse Proxy Server secure your Shopify store admin dashboard login?

Shopify users can configure IP Restrictions, (Shopify IP Whitelist) so that users can access and log into the Shopify store admin dashboard when they are using a whitelisted network IPs. This way an organization can allow the company to access the Shopify store admin dashboard only when the user is on the company network (also known as Shopify IP Whitelist).

Shopify users can configure Device Restrictions, so that users can access and log into the Shopify store admin dashboard when they are using a whitelisted and authorized device. This way, the users can log into the Shopify store admin dashboard using the company-authorized device (Shopify Device Restrictions).

Shopify users can also configure Country Restrictions, (Shopify country blocking or Shopify Country blacklisting), where the users will only be able to access the Shopify admin dashboard if they are in an authorized geographical location. This way, the organization can allow users to work from a location where they’re working from comfortable location and easily reachable.

Users Products Syncing shopify admin sso

Products Orders Syncing shopify admin sso

If users are on using their home wifi network, bus station wifi, airport wifi, or even cafe wifi, they will not be able to access the Shopify store admin dashboard for security purposes (since they are not on the Shopify whitelisted IPs).

In case the users try to log in with a cyber cafe computer, or their personal laptop or smartphone, an error message will be thrown that the device is not authorized to access the Shopify admin login.

If users are working from a region, where they cannot be reached and there might be a possibility of unauthorized access, Country Restrictions can be set to prevent access to the Shopify admin login.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is securing your Shopify Admin Dashboard Login important?

Securing your Shopify Admin Dashboard Login is important because it helps you stop hackers from stealing your store data and customer information.

How can miniOrange Reverse Proxy secure my Shopify Admin Dashboard Login?

miniOrange Reverse Proxy limits user access to your Shopify admin login by allowing only pre-approved IPs, devices, and countries, securing your store against unauthorized entry.

How do I prevent my staff from accessing my Shopify store admin dashboard?

Use miniOrange Reverse Proxy to set up Role-Based access control that assigns specific permissions for staff, ensuring restricted access to your Shopify admin dashboard.

How to set up Reverse Proxy on Shopify admin login?

miniOrange provides a detailed setup guide to help configure Reverse Proxy on your Shopify store. Check out this link to know how.

How to block users from a specific country from accessing my Shopify admin login dashboard?

Contact us at info@xecurify.com to book an appointment with our experts, we’ll guide you to set specific access restrictions for your Shopify Admin Dashboard Login.

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