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Atlassian CASB
for Cloud security

CASB for Atlassian Cloud Security is a solution meant for providing granular user access control over the Atlassian SaaS apps, and providing deep visibility into user action for timely detection of threats, potential compliance breaches, data protection, and malware attack mitigation. Get started today with your Atlassian CASB Integration.

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Atlassian CASB Integration Security

What is CASB for Atlassian Cloud Security?

Atlassian CASB Integration Solutions

Benefits of Atlassian CASB Integration for Atlassian SaaS App Security

Here are the top benefits of using a Atlassian CASB Cloud Security for Granular Access Control and Visibility:

Compliance Ready

Compliance is a must-have for a business to reach the security requirements for the industry they work in. Compliance is one of the most important pillars of CASBs to help organizations remain compliant and functioning.

Granular Access Control

Atlassian CASB lets the admin enable granular access control for individual user groups and Atlassian cloud apps like Jira and Confluence to prevent unauthorized user access to safeguard the data stored on the apps.

Analytics and reporting

CASBs provide SOC teams with detailed reports and analyses that help them understand security threats better and identify longer periods of system downtime.

User Risk Score Assessment

Users are assigned a risk score based on their activity with Atlassian Cloud apps, allowing for flagging. When the score exceeds a set threshold limit, security restrictions are applied to revoke all access and isolate the user from further interactions with the Jira and Confluence apps.

DLP Integration

DLP is a security tool that prevents users from downloading data onto devices (such as phones, tablets, and desktops) to avoid data breaches. It also helps mitigate threats like sensitive data exploitation stored on a Jira ticket or a Confluence sheet, by actively monitoring such text information.

Incorporating Additional Solutions

In addition to miniOrange Atlassian CASB security, we offer other Atlassian Cloud and DC products as well. These solutions can be integrated individually or alongside the miniOrange CASB cloud security solution.

Features of using a Atlassian CASB Integration for Cloud Security

Let’s look at the top features of using a Atlassian CASB solution for your organization

Atlassian CASB Integration features

Deep Visibility

The organization’s SOC team can now easily monitor when users and apps are accessing the data stored on the Atlassian SaaS apps, down to the most granular level, to find unusual patterns of user behavior and take the security measures needed to curb threats with Deep Visibility.


Compliance with Atlassian apps for company security requirements across domains promotes the setup of the right data protection rules and detailed insight gathering, preventing users from violating business policies and complying with industry requirements, all made possible by the Atlassian CASB Integration for Cloud Security.

Malware and Ransomware Protection

CASBs do help in mitigating and detecting Malware attacks (or ransomware attacks) throughout your organization’s infrastructure. To prevent the malware attack from spreading further, CASBs can even isolate the other applications until the malware attack has been dealt with.

Detecting Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a threat where employees use software/hardware which is not approved by the SOC team. The Atlassian CASB integration security regularly checks for such anomalies and unrecognized software/hardware being used by the employees and informs the SOC teams of such actions.

Data Protection

Atlassian CASB integration ensures complete data protection by controlling data flow between users and third-party apps to prevent data breaches. The CASB also actively checks for points of potential data leakage and implements the necessary security measures to fix them immediately.

Threat Mitigation

Atlassian CASB integration repetitively checks for data access requests from unauthorized users and raises the necessary alerts for the SOC teams to mitigate potential attacks from within the organization based on user actions. The CASB for Atlassian cloud security solution can revoke complete access from the user to prevent him/her from causing more problems.

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