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Why Choose miniOrange over Arcon

A comparison of PAM solutions

  Agentless PAM : Discover agentless PAM combined with advanced privilege elevation and delegation management.

  Easy Configuration : Enjoy straightforward configuration and hassle-free deployment.

  Responsive Support : Exceptional customer support with prompt responses to queries.

  Competitive Pricing : Boost your competitiveness with industry-competitive rates.

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miniOrange Arcon
Session Manager, Monitoring, Recording
Password Management/Pasword Vault
End-point Managements
Just-in-Time (JIT) Privileged Access
MFA and SSO with Privilege access
Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management
Agentless PAM
Granular Access Control and Role-based Access Control

Our customers love us and here's proof !

  miniOrange is now part of the Gartner Peer Insights™ Customer First program for the Identity and Access Management market.

  We are one of the highest rated Identity & Access Management softwares on Gartner Peer Insights.

   We have been ranked #1 on G2 for Best Estimated ROI, Best Support & High Performer multiple years in a row.

  Our presence on Gartner Digital Markets extends from Capterra to Software Advice and GetApp with great reviews all over.

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miniOrange: Elevating Privileged Management with Unrivaled Features!

Feature Comparison - miniOrange

Agentless PAM with miniOrange

   Monitors without needing agents on every machine.

   Employs a proxy agent with compatible management packs.

   Supports clientless access via HTTPS for web-based resources.

   Eliminates the 1:1 agent-infrastructure challenge, streamlining management

Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM):

   Integral to Privileged Access Management (PAM).

   Provides precise privileged access to users.

   Lets non-admin users gain temporary access to key tasks.

   Controls IT team access to privileged resources.

   Reduces risk of account exposure and protects against internal and external threats.

Redefine Customer Experience

Redefine Customer Experience

Arcon Client Diagnostics

   Slow Performance: Many users complain about the software's slow performance, during remote working, leading to hindered productivity and delays in completing tasks.

   Inadequate Vendor Support: Users report unsatisfactory troubleshooting from the vendor, causing doubts about the software's reliability. Many feel unsupported during technical challenges.

   Limited Customization: Users feel that ARCON PAM offers restricted customization features, limiting their ability to adapt the software to unique requirements.

   Implementation Challenges: Users find the setup tough, especially due to its database dependency. Developers face difficulties with scripting, and network engineers note complex deployment and onboarding processes.

Unlock Savings with MiniOrange: Affordable Pricing That Competitors Can't Beat!

Pricing Comparison :  

   Most cost-effective per-user PAM solution with free trial.

  Suitable for both large organizations and growing SMEs.

  Free trial for 30-days, without credit card registration

Pricing Comparison :  

   Before the actual purchase, miniOrange provides its customers with a free trial which does not require any kind of credit card registration and POC of the product, which is not provided by Arcon.

Redefine Customer Experience

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Customer Support Excellence:
miniOrange Sets a New Standard in the Market!

   Exceptional Support: miniOrange provides exceptional support to all its customers, prioritizing customer satisfaction and success.

   Better Reach Out Mediums: Offers a dedicated helpline, streamlining communication with expert technical personnel. This approach bypasses the impersonal interaction with automated chatbots, connecting users directly to experts for guidance and support.

   Prompt Customer Engagement: Known for its quick and effective communication. When customers reach out, they experience minimal downtime and receive timely updates on the progress of issue resolution.

   Personalized Assistance: The customer support team offers tailored assistance, understanding each organization's unique challenges and providing specific solutions.

   Comprehensive Onboarding and Training: New customers enjoy a smooth onboarding process complemented by comprehensive training sessions, ensuring they fully grasp the solution's features and functionality.

Customer Support Comparison - Arcon

   Support Concerns: Arcon has been reported to offer inadequate resolutions when troubleshooting, leading to perceptions of software unreliability.

   Customer Dissatisfaction: Some users feel unsupported during technical difficulties, feeling let down by Arcon's approach to customer support.