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Agentless  PAM

Organizations can manage and control privileged access to their systems and sensitive data without the need to install dedicated software agents on individual endpoints or devices.

  Easily deploy without installing and managing agents on individual devices.

  Utilizes existing infrastructure and protocols for enforcing access controls.

  Secures endpoints by reducing the attack surface and mitigating risks associated with agent vulnerabilities.

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Agentless PAM Solution

What is Agentless PAM?

Agentless Privilege Access Management (PAM) is a security feature that allows organizations to manage and control privileged access to their systems and sensitive data without installing dedicated software agents on individual endpoints. Agentless PAM solutions offer a hassle-free deployment process, simplifying implementation while saving time and resources. By eliminating the need for PAM agents, organizations can mitigate risks associated with agent vulnerabilities, ensuring a more secure privileged access management environment.

Agentless PAM Solution benefits

Simplified Deployment

With no need to install software agents on individual endpoints, the deployment process becomes hassle-free. This reduces the complexity of implementation, saving time and resources for organizations.


The elimination of software agents on endpoints reduces licensing costs and maintenance expenses, making the solution cost-effective in the long run.

Enhanced Security

By removing the dependency on PAM agents, the attack surface is reduced, mitigating the risks associated with agent vulnerabilities. It ensures a more secure privileged access management environment.

Quick implementation and user convenience

enables organizations to swiftly deploy within any IT environment, free from complex setup or configuration demands. The agentless nature of the solution ensures user convenience, granting users access to privileged resources without the need for dedicated client applications..

Reduced Administrative Overhead

Agentless PAM eliminates the need to manage and maintain PAM agents on each endpoint. This leads to reduced administrative overhead and makes the management of privileged access more efficient.

Ensure compliance with our comprehensive security protocols throughout the entire product lifecycle for a seamlessly secure experience.








  Swift Security Framework

Features Of miniOrange Agentless PAM


Our solution eliminates the need for installing software agents on each endpoint, streamlining deployment and saving valuable time and resources. There's no requirement for agents or connectors to connect to databases, SSH servers, routers or applications.


Users can access privileged resources without dedicated client applications, providing enhanced in-browser user convenience and a seamless experience.

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    Browser Neutral

The solution is compatible with various web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and others, ensuring flexibility and compatibility for end-users.

    OS Neutral

It supports a wide range of operating systems, enabling organizations to manage privileged access across diverse IT environments. Users can access the solution from Windows, Linux, or macOS desktops without any plugins or agents

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