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Endpoint Privilege

Discover the ultimate Privilege Access Manager solution that effortlessly removes local admin rights, erases unnecessary privileges, and fortifies your endpoints with robust security controls across Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

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Endpoint Privilege Manager

What is Endpoint Privilege Manager?

Introducing our groundbreaking Endpoint Privilege Manager - the ultimate solution for Privileged Management and Privilege Access Management. This powerful Endpoint Manager eliminates risks at the endpoint by combining the principles of least privileges and application control.
With Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM), users get only the required privilege and access to the application, ensuring foolproof security. Unauthorized applications are effortlessly restricted or blocked thus, guaranteeing a fortified environment. Additionally, whenever any privilege is requested they are granted “on needs basis” only. With the help of Endpoint Privilege Manager organizations can use trusted applications with the lowest possible privilege levels. It determines the eligibility of each application and defines precise privilege conditions for execution.
By leveraging the capabilities of Privilege Manager, attacks on desktops, laptops, and servers are a thing of the past. The Endpoint Privilege Manager provides robust protection, reducing the risk of data theft or ransomware encryption. Your valuable information remains secure and untouchable.
Unlock unparalleled security and fortify your endpoints with Endpoint Privilege Manager. It's the ultimate privilege management solution that ensures the right applications run under the right conditions, preserving your organization's security.

Elevate your security posture, streamline operations, and forge ahead as a pioneer in the dynamic world of cybersecurity.

Simplified Privilege Management

Give Windows, Mac, and Linux users the right level of access they need to get their work done efficiently. With detailed controls based on policies, applications can be elevated to higher privileges when necessary, ensuring smooth operations while also implementing the principle of least privileges.

Streamlined Integration

Users can now experience seamless integration with applications, there are better SIEM tools and vulnerability management scanners. Built-in connectors ensure smooth connectivity, creating a comprehensive security ecosystem that works together effortlessly.

Advanced Endpoint Security Insights

Gain valuable insights by analyzing user behavior alongside security intelligence, enabling proactive threat detection and risk mitigation. Access a detailed audit trail of user activities for quick forensic investigations and simplify compliance efforts.

Experience the seamless integration of Endpoint Privilege Manager, with miniOrange to safeguard your sensitive data and fortify your accounts with unmatched security

Elevate User Experience    

Seamlessly eliminate local admin rights & enhance the user experience while optimizing IT operations. It is now possible to easily manage & grant privileges to the user accounts, streamline privilege orchestration, & enable controlled Just-In-Time access for necessary tasks.

Easily Manage Privileges    

Effortlessly control and manage privileges using flexible rules or policies, simplifying the process of granting access during authorized sessions.

Amplify Visibility with Policy Audit    

Offers powerful Policy Audit features, where users can create records of privilege elevation attempts & use the reporting tool to track & analyze them easily. This helps in maintaining complete visibility & control over the endpoints.

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    Ensure Limited Access with Customizable Policies

Tailor scenarios for different user groups, such as HR or DevOps, by applying conditional policies that consider various factors like application context, parameters, and attributes or role of the individual in the organization. This enables seamless blocking or granting of access to specific scripts, applications, or operations.

    Protect Credentials & Stop Unauthorized Access

Endpoint Privilege Manager acts as a strong defender against credential theft, keeping your credentials safe and preventing attackers from moving further deep into the system in case of a breach. It identifies attacks by strategically positioning baited credentials to lure and trap attackers along their routes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the endpoint manager?

Endpoint Manager is basically a centralized software that is used to manage and monitor endpoints, like computers, servers, and sometimes also mobile devices, within a network.

Why is endpoint privilege management important?

Endpoint privilege management is important because it helps organizations control and limit access rights and permissions on endpoints, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and malicious activities by users or attackers.

What is endpoint privilege management?

Endpoint privilege management is the process of controlling and managing the access rights and privileges of endpoints, like user accounts, applications, and system configurations, in order to enhance security and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

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