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Privileged Session 
Audit Trail

Stores a chronological record of events during the audit trail of a privileged session, and contains information about the activities performed during those sessions, like - event details, user activities, users or applications involved, operations performed, and the date and time of each event.

  Protects business interests by capturing privileged user activities.

  Monitors real-time behavior and automates logs.

  Track system errors, operational problems, and irregularities using audit trails.

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Privileged Session Management and Audit Trail

What is Privileged Session Audit Trails?

Audit Trails, also known as Session Trails, serve as a critical aspect of Privileged Access Management (PAM) , monitoring both user and session activities. Admins have access to an audit log that tracks privileged user sessions and all account actions. It offers a detailed account of all actions performed during a privileged session by session recording and session management . It captures information such as event details, IP addresses and the agent from where the request originated, the user or application involved, operations performed, and the date and time of each event.
Audit trails play a significant role in identifying suspicious behavior through real-time monitoring and automated logs. It allows the administrators to detect system issues, operational problems, suspicious system activities, and other related errors. Thus, an audit trail is an integral part of a PAM solution that ensures a secure and compliant environment. Keeping track of privileged user activities is crucial, as unmonitored access and misuse pose significant challenges for systems.

Benefits of Privileged Session Audit Trail

Fraud Prevention

Provides better control over privileged user activities, detecting financial inconsistencies within the organization. Serves as a deterrent for both internal and external fraud, bolstering cybersecurity defenses for privileged accounts.

Streamlined Audits

Reduces stress during annual audits for publicly-held companies by maintaining proper records in the audit trail. Enables more efficient auditing processes through comprehensive and easily accessible trails for privileged account activities.

Investment and Loan Positioning

Builds trust with investors and loan officers by showcasing a reliable audit trail of privileged account activities. Strengthens the business's integrity with accurate financials easily checked via the audit trail via privilege access management.

Increased Efficiency

Saves time and increases efficiency by quickly uncovering essential business information buried in records of privileged accounts. Tracks all transaction corrections, minimizing the time spent on manual corrections for privileged activities.

Meeting Compliance Requirements

Complies with industry-specific regulations, ensuring adherence to privileged account management standards and avoiding potential infractions, fees, or business losses.

Disaster Recovery

Acts as insurance during unexpected crises or disasters, serving as a reliable record of privileged account activities, costs, and income. Safeguards against physical damage by backing up the audit trail in a secure off-site location, protecting privileged account information and operations.

Ensure compliance with our comprehensive security protocols throughout the entire product lifecycle for a seamlessly secure experience.








  Swift Security Framework

Features Of Privileged Session Audit Trails

Enhanced Security    

Privileged Remote Access provides a secure and controlled environment for remote access, ensuring that only authorized users can access critical resources and reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Administrator-Only Access    

Only administrators can view actions performed by other users, ensuring secure access to privileged session data.

Customizable Notifications    

Configure in-product and email notifications to notify users of their activities and alert specific recipients when certain events occur.

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    Secure Audit Trails

Provides immutable audit logs that comply with regulatory statutes such as HIPAA and SOX, enabling easy demonstration of compliance during audits.

    SIEM and Network Integration

Connect with other security and network management tools by sending messages and traps, providing a complete view of privileged access and detecting suspicious activities.

    Storage Management

Purge audit logs regularly to avoid clutter and manage disk space efficiently, storing logs in the local drive and deleting or moving them as needed.

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