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Atlassian CASB security for Jira and Confluence Compliance

Atlassian cloud security suite provides compliance for all Jira and Confluence app security requirements protecting cloud data with Atlassian security and trust.

Dec 4, 2023

Atlassian CASB Security for Compliance, Granular Access, and Visibility

Atlassian CASB Security for Visibility, Granular Access, and Compliance over Jira and Confluence. Atlassian suite is the best and the largest software company making tools for development and collaboration to provide an effective way for teams to collaborate, boost productivity, organize projects, and manage workflows efficiently.

With increased flexibility, automation features, several tools to cover all user requirements, and powerful collaboration tools, Atlassian security tools have become critical to be included in office IT software. The Atlassian suite provides the best agile project management tool used by a huge number of companies every day. Its huge arsenal of productivity tools helps teams follow a comprehensive yet simple method to set up a project lifecycle and monitor the progress of individual components, regardless of the size of the project and the number of resources working on it.

With miniOrange Atlassian CASB for Jira and Confluence, you can achieve all your compliance requirements according to the industry standards for complete user transparency and gain granular access control over user actions. This helps your SOC teams get deeper visibility into user interactions with the Jira and Confluence apps to enable user transaction monitoring. In this blog, we will see how users can achieve all these security features for all Atlassian app security using miniOrange Atlassian CASB.

What are Atlassian apps?

Atlassian apps include all the apps that are published on the Atlassian marketplace. These apps work on the cloud or data center along with all your Jira apps and Confluence apps.

Jira is a complete suite of productivity apps used for submitting issues, tracking tickets, maintaining workflows, automating recurrent tasks, project progress tracking, and a lot more used by companies daily to drive project growth. Jira apps were foundationally built by keeping the principles of Agile Methodology intact.

Confluence is a solution for creating a shared workspace and for teams to collectively come together and collaborate on a project. It provides an environment with complete user transparency, workflow management, collaboration done by each user, and an understanding of the project’s growth over time.

There are a bunch of apps in the Atlassian suite. Here’s a list of all the Jira and Confluence apps with a short description for each.


  • Jira Service Desk: Jira Service Desk is a platform to receive issues from customers and track customer lifecycles from querying to deploying the solution with all the paperwork and request queuing.


  • Jira Core: Jira Core is a highly organized workflow project, where all teams can create a step-by-step process to complete tasks on time. They are highly versatile and can be used by all departments within an organization.


  • Jira Software: Jira software utilizes the power of Kanban and Agile methodologies, to build project sprints, list issues, create backlog items, task completion and velocity, and visually depict the team’s progress.


  • Bitbucket: Bitbucket is an on-premise Git repository management software for all team members to collaborate on projects and is the top competitor for the Microsoft-owned GitHub.


  • Confluence: Confluence is a document collaboration tool for teams to keep records of a research topic or share steps to configure a standard software tool to promote transparency within the team.


  • Statuspage: Statuspage lets the customers know about scheduled downtime for maintenance of the application to prevent sudden crashes. It stands as an “Incident Management Messenger” between you and your end users.


  • Opsgenie: Opsgenie helps your developer teams and operations teams stay on top of threat alerts and incidents and control the situation in real-time.


  • Jira Align: Jira Align enables project planning and strategy alignment with support for hundreds of users at different levels in the organization.

Why do I need to secure my Atlassian suite with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

The Atlassian App Suite is widely adopted for documentation and team collaboration to create project lifecycle management. All users can enter their activities and task progress, manage customer issues, and get a transparent view of the end-to-end deployment of a project. So all Atlassian apps in use stand as a haven for storing organized data related to every project and how an organization will boost productivity and streamline processes to meet deadlines.

With the closing of the Atlassian Server, the only available options for customers are now Data Center (DC) and Atlassian Cloud. Data Center is an expensive option and most users cannot switch to DC, hence they have no other choice but to move to Atlassian Cloud. But using Cloud has its set of disadvantages. The most important point, is the lack of data security compliance and potential threats of security breaches, leading to a lack of trust in Jira Cloud security and Confluence compliance.

With Atlassian CASB for Jira and Confluence, you can achieve cloud compliances like ITAR, FERPA and HIPAA, along with security breach prevention protocols and gain insights with threat reports to safeguard your Atlassian suite, data and get Jira Cloud and Confluence security.

Without Atlassian CASB for Jira and Confluence, there is a clear threat of data breaches and security risks, where an employee could copy and leak data outside the company to third-party services. Without a CASB solution, you cannot get deep visibility into the Atlassian app activity and will never find out the source of the data breach. This emerging threat and concern for data security is why you need to use a CASB solutions with all your Atlassian Cloud App Suite.

Let’s see how a Cloud Access Security Broker works for Jira and Confluence compliance to prevent data infringement and provide Atlassian suite security.

Atlassian security for jira and confluence with casb

How does a CASB secure Atlassian Apps for teams?

Here’s how a Cloud Access Security Broker works to secure your Atlassian SaaS Apps to provide Jira Cloud and Confluence security.

Let’s say a company is using Atlassian Cloud for its project planning and team collaboration.

The company has 2 user groups, the support team and the analytics team, that have access to the Jira Tickets service. The support team will need to access the customer information stored on the tickets to understand what products the customer is using. The analytics team, on the other hand, will also need to export the customer data from the Jira Tickets service to gather insights.

Let’s say there are 2 users, Jeremey from the Support team and Noah from the analytics team.

Jeremy does have access to the customer’s Jira Tickets to check which products the customer has purchased and support them accordingly. But if he tries to export the data, the CASB solution will deny him from performing the action.

When Noah, from the analytics team, tries to export the same Jira Tickets dashboard he will be able to export the customer data for his analytics team and work on it.

This way, the miniOrange Atlassian CASB solution will provide role-based access to the different solutions on the Atlassian App suite for Jira and Confluence security. Additionally, you also get deep visibility into the traffic on your Atlassian app usage for the Security Operations Center to gain deeper insights into potential security threats targeted towards their Atlassian apps.

Atlassian Export Data with CASB

What are the benefits of using a Cloud Access Security Broker for Atlassian?

Here are the key benefits of using CASB security for your Atlassian apps for Jira Cloud and Confluence security.


  • Granular visibility and control: Get insights into the smallest security detail for each of your Atlassian suite apps, and configure custom access restriction rules to protect company data from reaching unknown third-party entities.


  • Compliance Inclusion: Compliance Inclusion: With a lack of Compliance over Atlassian Cloud, there is a lack of necessary security requirements for businesses of any domain. To configure data protection, get detailed insight gathering, prevent users from going against the company data protection policies, and comply with their respective industry’s requirements using our Atlassian CASB solution, we provide support for all Atlassian Cloud security over Jira Cloud and Confluence security, which includes popular compliances such as ITAR compliance, FERPA compliance, HIPAA compliance and more.


  • DLP Integration: Data Loss Prevention (DLP), is a versatile and custom solution to prevent data breaches, even against the most advanced methods for website security, next-gen firewalls, spam, and phishing attack filters, and many more that work with cloud applications, making this a must-have requirement for Jira Cloud and Confluence security.


  • Analytics and Reports: Monitoring Cloud activity and generating threat reports helps your teams to discover new observations. This way you can visualize data to see increased unusual activity with any Atlassian app and peak downtimes. This benefits the architecture teams by boosting their infrastructure for improved productivity with backing from strong analytics.


  • User Risk Score Assessment: Depending on the user activity, a risk score is assigned to each user to flag them based on their activity with the Atlassian apps. Once the score exceeds the safe score limit, necessary security restrictions configured will kick in to revoke all access permissions and isolate the user from further interacting with any of the Atlassian apps with the help of our Atlassian CASB solution.


  • Additional Solutions Incorporation: Alongside miniOrange CASB security, you can also check out our other Atlassian app enterprise security products as well. All our solutions can be integrated individually or alongside the miniOrange Atlassian CASB for all-around Jira Cloud and Confluence security features.

In Summary

In this blog, we saw how miniOrange CASB provides all-round security for the Atlassian Suite, efficiently providing your company’s security team with a seamless experience to monitor users at a granular level, set compliance policies like ITAR compliance, FERPA compliance and HIPAA compliance, and get detailed insights for potential threats directed toward your company sensitive data stored on any Atlassian app over the cloud for Jira Cloud and Confluence security.

So if you are on the market looking for a CASB solution (Cloud Access Security Broker) for Atlassian Suite security with complete access control permissions, miniOrange is the best solution to help you select the best features your company requires to mitigate risks. miniOrange provides the best global support on the market at the most cost-effective pricing to accommodate all your security needs.

So what are you waiting for? Shoot us a query at and we will get right back to you!

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