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What are the 4 Pillars of CASB?

CASB or Cloud Access Security Broker is a cloud security solution that secures the data stored on your cloud servers from unauthorized user access and third-party requests. CASBs are designed to let the company’s security teams monitor unlawful behavior and enable enterprise security policies over cloud apps and the data they hold. CASBs are able to achieve all these and a lot more to ensure that you are getting the best security possible.

Aug 22, 2023

CASB work by following the 4 Pillars of Design that go into building them. In this blog, we will understand with examples, what are the 4 pillars of CASB?


Compliance is one of the top reasons why enterprises start looking for a CASB in the first place. Compliance in CASB is a way of ensuring your business and all the apps, resources, and data in use follow the security standards as stated by the industry security regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA, and more. By ensuring your business’s security compliance, you can now focus more on other items without worrying about any security policy breaches and can depend upon the CASB solutions.


Suppose we have a user, Ryan. Ryan recently installed a third-party app on his laptop to help him with his daily tasks and help automate redundant processes. When Ryan tries to access certain data folders on the company’s Cloud Apps, the CASB compliance inclusion policies detect that the third-party installed, does not match the compliance policies, and will block the app from connecting with any of the cloud apps configured. This way Ryan will know that the third-party app he used daily is not reliable and poses a threat to his company.

This way, a CASB ensures that all users and the apps they use are always staying compliant with the policies set by the SOC teams.

Deep Visibility

As a business owner, you need to know who is accessing your company data and need to keep it secure. You can deploy the toughest firewalls available on the market, but what you can’t secure is your data from a threat by an internal authorized user or an installed application. With a CASB, now you can monitor user activity and gather information on suspicious activity, find all access requests to your data stored on the cloud, and get detailed insights and reports for your SOC team to find points of potential data leaks.


Ryan is now promoted to a team lead and has a lot of developers working on different features of a project. When a user tries to access cloud data outside the scope of the tasks assigned, the CASB will alert Ryan about this. Ryan can check the past behavior of this employee to see for past security violations and can decide to revoke complete access for this employee. This way a CASB works to detect risky user behavior and report it to the SOC teams and the team lead to mitigate security risks with the help of Deep Visibility.

Data Protection

CASB are a highly customizable cloud software solution that you can configure as per your security needs to protect data stored on the cloud apps. You can configure rules to the smallest level of detail to set granular access control over your cloud app data storage, and then only authorized users will be able to access it. Additionally, you can configure granular access permissions for entire user groups as well as set adaptive restriction policies for air-tight security based on the network IP, the user’s location, time-based restrictions, and the device in use.


Ryan is now an IT security analyst working with the company’s SOC team for protecting the company data stored on the cloud apps. One day, Ryan gets a security alert about data at risk for a cloud storage service. Ryan can log into the CASB dashboard and confirms that the data security is not tight enough and is at risk. Ryan can now enable stronger authentication methods using the CASB, and on a temporary basis invoke data encryption as well for data protection and unauthorized access to the data. This is how a CASB cloud security solution works to enable data protection to safeguard your sensitive information.

Threat Detection

Every business, regardless of its size, is now facing a growing threat of malware attacks, especially the ever-evolving ransomware virus. If ransomware gets unauthorized access to your cloud data, it can delete all backup files and encrypt the data in the source path. Ransomware’s next to impossible to remove and the time and resources spent on gaining access to your data consume a lot of resources as well.

To secure yourself against malware attacks, you need to be able to detect them in the first place. This is where a CASB specializes. Built with advanced Machine Learning algorithms, it can detect risky application behavior. It can find the areas of potential risk and application surface areas prone to malware attacks.


For his excellent work in protecting business-critical data, Ryan has been promoted to Chief Cybersecurity Analyst at his company. While monitoring the network traffic via the CASB dashboard, he notices that there is an abnormal surge in traffic from a cloud application. With the CASB’s advanced threat detection capabilities, he can figure out patterns of suspicious behavior originating from the cloud app. With real-time alerts and detailed reports from the CASB, Ryan can quickly assess the threat’s potential impact and takes immediate action to mitigate this risk. The CASB’s analytics and reporting feature also enables proactive threat detection, allowing Ryan to safeguard the organization’s cloud environment from potential breaches and unauthorized data access.

In Summary

In this blog, we saw how a CASB can help you better protect your cloud data, and helps you set custom user access permissions for configuring security rules down to the most granular level possible. We saw the 4 pillars of CASB security, which are Compliance, Deep Visibility, Data Protection, and Threat Detection. All 4 of these Pillars are required to build a CASB and keep your business data secure.

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