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Data Loss 

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) also know as Data Leak Prevention, is a program that combines technologies, strategies and processes to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing an organization’s sensitive information. DLP can be enabled for a network, endpoint or on cloud stores used by the organization.

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Data Loss Prevention | Data Leak Protection

How DLP Works?

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system protect businesses’ data by identifying sensitive information and then using deep content analysis to detect and block confidential information from being transmitted outside company’s network. DLP product uses algorithms that help determine which data transfer must be blocked. For example, DLP software would deny permission to users who go against company policy and who attempted to send the sensitive information outside the organization. It also monitors incoming emails to look for malicious attachments or suspicious links. You can set rules as per your company’s policies to classify data, such as financial data, mission-critical data or intellectual property, and establish appropriate levels of security based on the type of content and value to the business.

Type of DLP Solutions

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solutions
Email Protection | Data Loss Prevention

Email Protection

An email DLP solution monitor organization’s email communication to determine whether the data is at risk of loss or theft.

Network Protection | Data Loss Prevention

Network Protection

Network DLP solution provide greater visibility into organization’s network. DLP solution helps to analyze network traffic and establish security policies to mitigate data loss risks while ensuring the organization remain compliant with regulations.

Endpoint Protection | Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint Management

DLP solution monitor the Endpoint devices such as computer, laptops or mobile devices on which company’s critical information is used, moved and stored. This helps prevent your sensitive data from loss or being misused by unauthorized individuals.

Cloud Protection

A cloud DLP solution will ensure that data stored in the cloud is monitored and protected. With companies increasingly moving their business data and applications to a cloud environment, Cloud DLP solutions protect data stored in the cloud by encrypting sensitive data and ensuring that the data is sent to only those cloud applications that are authorized by the company.

Data Channels Covered

Data channels covered in DLP | Data Loss Prevention

Why Organizations need DLP ?

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution solves many of today’s cybersecurity and compliance challenges that can not be solved without help. Organization chase many threats to find the right solution to detect and stop them. An organization need DLP for 3 main objectives:

Data Loss Prevention | Data Protection

Personal Information Protection

Does your organization collect and store Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), or payment card information (PCI)? If so, you are more than likely subject to compliance regulations, such as HIPAA (for PHI) and GDPR (for personal data of EU residents), that require you to protect your customers’ sensitive data. DLP can identify, classify, and tag sensitive data and monitor activities and events surrounding that data. In addition, reporting capabilities provide the details needed for compliance audits.

IP Protection

It’s a common practice for organizations to store intellectual property in document files, and a DLP will stop attackers from accessing and stealing trade secrets. With policies and controls in place, you can protect against unwanted exfiltration of this data. DLP solutions can block the transfer of files containing intellectual property entirely or limit it to whitelisted destinations such as other company email addresses or services. DLP tools can block USB and peripheral ports or allow only company-issued devices to connect to a computer.

Data Loss Prevention | IP Protection

Data Loss Prevention | Data Tracking

Data Tracking

Is your organization seeking to gain additional visibility into data movement? DLP solution can help you see and track your data on endpoints, networks, and the cloud. This will provide you with visibility into how individual users within your organization interact with data.


Analyze & Prioritze Data

Not all the information is critical. So, it is important to understand the the flow of information between various business processes and department inside and outside. DLP should start with the most valuable or sensitive data that is likely to be targeted by attackers.

Classify Data | Data Loss Prevention

Classify the Data

Business owners, business stakeholders are the key people who knows the criticality and sensitivity of the organization information and can provide key information that what information is critical for them and organization. Based on the severity level, data is classified and controls/policies are designed.

Monitor Data in Motion | Data Loss Prevention

Monitor the data in motion

There are different risk associated with the data present on the user devices, shared with partners, customers and supply chain. In these cases, the data is often at highest risk as it is on the endpoints. Organizations also need to monitor the data in motion to gain visibility into what’s happening to their sensitive data. A robust DLP solution must account for the mobility of the data and when the data is at risk.

Data Security and Policies | Data Loss Prevention

Define Data Security Policies

At the beginning of the DLP program, data control and policies may be simple but as the DLP program matures, organization can develop more granular, fine-tuned policies to reduce specific risks.

Educate and Train Employee | Data Loss Prevention

Educate and Train the Employees

Employees often don’t recognize that their action can result in data loss and will do better when educated. Therefore, educating and training the employees on the importance of data security and the implications of data loss on organization’s business, will play an important role in the success of DLP program.

Secure Authentication

DLP solutions can prevent suspicious attempts to copy or send sensitive data by checking whether the user is authorized to do so. Authentication is also important to validate users’ identities and prevent malicious access to critical assets.

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