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What is CASB?

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions are a security technology to protect your data on the cloud and secure access to your cloud apps from unauthorized access. CASB Solutions is an intermediary between the users and cloud apps to provide deep visibility for admins and the SOC teams to manage vulnerabilities.

  Gain deep visibility and industry-standard compliance effortlessly.

  Scans for malware and threats to ensure continuous cloud security.

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What is CASB solutions?

    Cloud Access Security Broker or CASB solutions is a security technology that acts as a protective shield between your team and Cloud Applications (like SaaS apps). It's your go-to solution for securing sensitive data, preventing unauthorized access, and monitoring user activities to identify potential threats, whether the users are working remotely, from the Office Network, or even in a Hybrid Work Mode.

  • Enhance Your Security Operations: CASB offers your Security Operations Center (SOC) team deeper insights into user-app interactions and data access. With CASB security features, your security team can swiftly pinpoint and tackle any potential threats.
  • Crucial for Compliance: CASB solutions are indispensable for industries that are required to adhere to strict security standards. CASB ensures robust data protection standards and prevents users from accessing cloud applications beyond their designated scope.
  • Guarding Against Malware and Threats: CASB solutions continually scan for malware attacks and other malicious threats, guaranteeing the uninterrupted operation and security of your cloud services. Cloud Access Security Broker detects threats and instantly triggers alerts for administrators, enabling proactive threat mitigation without disrupting workflows or compromising data.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Protection: CASB Solutions is your vigilant guardian, perpetually monitoring cloud apps, maintaining access control, mitigating malware threats, and assessing data risks. Your SOC team stays informed with regular security updates, ensuring your organization's safety.

Why choose miniOrange CASB?

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Google CASB for complete Workspace security

Google CASB Solutions secures access to all Google Workspace apps for different user roles and groups across the company for cloud data security with the miniOrange Google Workspace CASB Solutions.

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Microsoft 365 CASB for Enterprise Security

Restricting access for all Office 365 apps under different conditions for remote work and hybrid work models and granting permissions based on user groups with the Microsoft 365 CASB Solutions.

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Secure Shopify Admin Store Login

Allows permitted users access to your Shopify store admin dashboard and blocks users based on IP address, device, time, and geolocation. With this, you can prevent unauthorized user access and restrict potential threats from your Shopify dashboard login.

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Enable Shopify Multi Staff Login

miniOrange Shopify CASB enables you to access Shopify Plus functionalities with a standard Shopify account. This plugin employs a reverse proxy server to configure Shopify staff permissions and deliver an unrestricted number of staff accounts to non-Plus Shopify stores.

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Atlassian CASB for Jira and Confluence

Ensure app security and compliance for Atlassian to prevent unauthorized user access for apps like Jira and Confluence with Atlassian CASB Solutions. Our robust set of rules controls data flow over the Atlassian cloud apps and restrictions policies for securing data from unauthorized user access.

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Oracle CASB for Cloud Apps and Services

Our CASB solutions seamlessly integrates with your existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) setup, ensuring unparalleled data security and strong protection. Easily secure and manage your Oracle cloud resources, and mitigate potential security threats with our CASB solutions!

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oracle CASB Solutions

Secure Access to all your Cloud Applications

Seamlessly integrate CASB Solutions for all your cloud SaaS apps and set up granular access permissions for all users.

wordpress CASB Solutions
salesforce CASB Solutions
office365 CASB Solutions
hubspot CASB Solutions
atlassian CASB Solutions

What are the features of using a CASB?

CASBs are built on 4 foundational pillars


Cloud Access Security Brokers provide users with deep visibility to generate insights for threat reports and risk assessment to control an app’s access controls and monitor user working remotely and/or using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for accessing company documents.


Compliance Inclusion ensures that the security standards are met for the relevant industry in which the organization operates to find sources of data breaches and mitigate all targeted threat vectors. This makes it a highly reliable and trustworthy CASB security feature.

Data Security

Data security is essential in todays rapidly evolving IT industry, where data volumes double each day. Businesses need scalable solutions with minimal downtime and strong security measures to protect all their data. Good data security is vital for smooth business operations.

Threat Protection

Threat Protection is a feature where once a threat is identified, it needs to be isolated and discreetly mitigated without disturbing the efficient working of other processes. A CASB Solutions provides deep insights and sets risk scores for identifying potential threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Our CASB Solutions

What is a CASB or Cloud Access Security Broker?

A CASB Solutions is a security and compliance tool for controlling cloud app access permissions within the organization, to prevent oversharing, enable data security, advance threat preventions, and complete visibility into the most granular aspects for deep insights into individual actions and permissions to generate threat reports for security teams (SOCs) and the team admins.

What is inline CASB?

A CASB Solutions provides inline rules administration for data security and threat monitoring, to control third-party apps from launching ransomware attacks to keep all industry security standards in check at all times for cloud access control systems.

Should I use both CASB and DLP together?

CASB and DLP are both necessary security solutions. CASB security is meant to govern your data by controlling which cloud app the data resource is shared with. On the other hand, a DLP is meant to govern data on the cloud apps the data resource is shared with Combined, CASB Solutions security and DLP controls how your business data is governed internally and externally for complete data protection.

How can I get started with miniOrange CASB Security?

Just drop us a query at info@xecurify.com and we will get right back to you to discuss your CASB requirements and move forward.

Does miniOrange provide a DLP solutions as well?

Yes, we certainly do provide a DLP solutions as well. You can learn more about the miniOrange from here.

Which cloud apps or SaaS apps does miniOrange CASB support?

Our CASB solutions works with all popular SaaS apps such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Atlassian App Suite, AWS, Citrix ShareFile, Salesforce, Dropbox, HubSpot, Slack, Egnyte, ServiceNow, SAP SuccessFactors, and a whole lot more to provide you with the best in class security for all your cloud apps and configuring cloud access control system permissions.

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Atlassian security for jira and confluence with CASB

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Group-based access to Gmail using the Google Workspace CASB

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Securing Microsoft Teams with the miniOrange MS 365 CASB

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