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Cloud Access 
Security Broker (CASB)

CASB or Cloud Access Security Broker is a solution for controlling cloud access permissions for your organization's cloud apps to prevent over sharing data with unauthorized users. CASB security works by sitting between a client and the cloud application (usually internet apps) to help the admins and SOC teams get deeper visibility into user actions and get the industry standard compliance inclusion they need.

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What is a CASB security solution?

Cloud Access Security Broker or simply CASB, is a solution that is placed between your employees and Cloud Apps (SaaS apps). CASBs are a standard solution for securing your organization’s data to prevent unauthorized information infringement and monitor malicious user actions. 

This helps the SOC team (Security Operations Center) gain deeper visibility into which apps a user interacts with and what information they access. After that, the security teams can single out and handle the threat source with the CASB security features.

CASBs are an important solution needed for industries that now require following a set of security standard protocols that ensure that all data is well protected and the user tries to access a cloud application outside of their scope.

Additionally, Cloud Access Security Broker (or CASB security) helps to scan for malware attacks and other malicious threats to keep the cloud services protected and running at all times. When a CASB detects a threat at any point and anywhere in the environment, it sends a security alert instantly to the team’s administrator to mitigate an upcoming threat without causing any data loss or decline in the efficiency of the employees' work.

CASB security continuously monitors the cloud apps, keeping the access control permissions in check at all times, mitigating malware threats, keeping a risk score for potential data threats, and keeping the organization’s SOC Team informed with regular security updates.

How can I get a CASB security solution for my organization?

Whether you are using Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Jira and Confluence, Dropbox, AWS environment, or any other cloud platform you are using, miniOrange has a CASB security solution ready to go to protect your data and monitoring the apps now!

A CASB solution is easy to use and deploy. Generally, they are deployed on the cloud, but miniOrange CASB security works for both Cloud and On-Premise. You can get started now by signing up here!

Cloud Access Security Broker Cloud Platform

What are the features of using a CASB?

CASBs are built on 4 foundational pillars

Cloud Access Security Broker Visibility

Cloud Access Security Brokers provide users with deep visibility to generate insights for threat reports and risk assessment to control an app’s access controls and monitor user working remotely and/or using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for accessing company documents.

Cloud Access Security Broker Compliance

Compliance Inclusion ensures that the security standards are met for the relevant industry in which the organization operates to find sources of data breaches and mitigate all targeted threat vectors. This makes it a highly reliable and trustworthy CASB security feature.

Cloud Access Security Broker Data Security

Data Security is a fundamental requirement for the rapidly pacing IT industry.  The volume of data being generated and transferred is doubling every day. To manage this, your business needs a scalable solution that guarantees minimal downtimes, and most importantly, provides the best data security solution to safeguard all your data.

Cloud Access Security Broker Threat Protection

Threat Protection is a feature where once a threat is identified, it needs to be isolated and discreetly mitigated without disturbing the efficient working of other processes. A CASB provides deep insights and sets risk scores for identifying potential threats.

What can a CASB do?

A CASB helps protect your organizational data and keep it in compliance with industry security standards.
Here’s a list of all CASB security features.

Threat Detection Cloud Access Security Broker

Threat Detection

CASBs conduct regular health checks to find threat vectors and block third-party apps that fail to pass the security checks and completely block their access from interacting with any of the company data.

Collective Visibility Cloud Access Security Broker

Collective Visibility

User behavior is critical to understanding and mitigating potential data attacks. A Cloud Access Security Broker closely monitors user behavior and provides visibility into their actions as well.

Cloud Access Security Broker

Compliance Ready

User behavior is profiled and then the CASB security feature will set granular access policies to control permissions down to the smallest details.

Data Protection Cloud Access Security Broker

Data Protection

CASBs control the application access permissions and what data they can use. This control over data and governance policies helps organizations secure data and observe if a user or third-party application is using data outside their scope of work.

User Risk Scores Cloud Access Security Broker

User Risk Scores

For every malicious activity, the users are assigned a risk score. Once this risk score exceeds the threshold, all access to any SaaS app is cut-off and the user will be blocked from accessing any of the data files in any of the apps.

Deep Visibility Cloud Access Security Broker

Deep Visibility

Cloud Access Security Broker provides deep visibility into individual user actions and access scopes of third-party applications as well. This visibility helps the SOC team spot malicious activities and gain insights into possible attack attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Our Cloud Access Security Broker

What is a CASB or Cloud Access Security Broker?

A CASB is a security and compliance solution for controlling cloud app access permissions within the organization, to prevent over sharing, enable data security, advance threat preventions, and complete visibility into the most granular aspects for deep insights into individual actions and permissions to generate threat reports for security teams (SOCs) and the team admins.

What is inline CASB?

A CASB provides inline rules administration for data security and threat monitoring, to control third-party apps from launching ransomware attacks to keep all industry security standards in check at all times for cloud access control systems.

Should I use both CASB and DLP together?

CASB and DLP are both necessary security solutions. CASB security is meant for governing your data by to control which cloud app the data resource is shared with. On the other hand, a DLP is meant to govern data on the cloud apps the data resource is shared with. Combined together, CASB security and DLP control how your business data is governed internally and externally for complete data protection.

How can I get started with miniOrange CASB Security?

Just drop us a query at info@xecurify.com and we will get right back to you to discuss your CASB requirements and move forward.

Does miniOrange provide a DLP solution as well?

Yes, we certainly do provide a DLP solution as well. You can learn more about the miniOrange from here.

Which cloud apps or SaaS apps does miniOrange CASB support?

Our CASB security solution works with all popular SaaS apps such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Atlassian App Suite, AWS, Citrix ShareFile, Salesforce, Dropbox, HubSpot, Slack, Egnyte, ServiceNow, SAP SuccessFactors, and a whole lot more to provide you with the best in class security for all your cloud apps and configuring cloud access control system permissions.

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