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Unlock Your Atlassian Access Potential with Our New Powerful Plugin

“Great product and support. They value and follow their customers. I would highly recommend miniOrange and their products.”

Right, we begin with what one of our customers had to say about the plugin, you are about to get introduced to it as well, it’s all about the customers and clients isn’t it?


But why the plugin? In a sentence, if we have to answer that it would be that- It allows you to navigate the Atlassian Access landscape with newfound flexibility and freedom. How? Let’s begin…

Part 1: Introduction

Atlassian Access, an organization-wide subscription that connects your Atlassian cloud products to your identity provider, while a powerful tool for centralized security and administration, can sometimes feel like a double-edged sword. The rigid IDP requirements, authentication protocol constraints, and other access restrictions can hinder your workflow and impede your organization's productivity.

Introducing ‘miniOrange’s Jira OAuth Plugin’ Yes, you will need to have Atlassian access because of certain Cloud API restrictions, Atlassian access will be solely responsible for creating and maintaining user session so Atlassian Access is a prerequisite for our Jira OAuth app. With our plugin:

  • Say goodbye to being confined to a limited selection of identity providers.
  • Don’t be bound just to a single SSO protocol, unleash its true potential
  • Enhance security without sacrificing convenience
  • Simplify user management

With our plugin you can overcome the restrictions which Atlassian access puts on authentication protocols, IDP support, Attribute transformation etc. Few use cases for a better understanding of the plugin at work.

Part 2: Use Cases

Case 1. Provides for Authentication Protocol Flexibility:

Organizations often have specific security and compliance requirements that necessitate the use of particular authentication protocols. Atlassian Access currently supports SAML 2.0 as the primary authentication protocol. While SAML 2.0 is widely adopted and supported, some organizations have specific restrictions that require the use of OAuth for single sign-on (SSO).

In such cases, a plugin that supports various authentication protocols becomes invaluable as it allows organizations to leverage their preferred SSO method without sacrificing compatibility with Atlassian tools. Our plugin provides users with the flexibility to choose alternative authentication protocols, such as OAuth, OIDC, JWT, RADIUS etc.

Case 2. Provides support for LDAP/AD authentication

This feature is particularly useful for organizations that do not have an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system in place. By offering support for LDAP/AD authentication and optional IAM features, our plugin bridges the gap between Atlassian Access and organizations that rely on LDAP/AD for user management.

Furthermore, our plugin can enhance the capabilities of Atlassian Access by providing additional IAM features, if desired. These features may include: User Provisioning, Group mapping, 2FA etc. With the flexibility accorded by the plugin, businesses can align their authentication mechanisms while taking advantage of the robust security and administrative capabilities provided by Atlassian Access.

Case 3. Supports Multiple IDPs in Jira

Organizations often rely on multiple IDPs to manage user identities, traditionally, Jira users have been constrained by a single IDP, limiting their ability to integrate with existing authentication systems or switch between providers based on various requirements. Atlassian Access provides support for multiple Identity Providers (IDPs) in Jira but is limited to the enterprise version.

Our plugin enables users with Jira's basic plan to configure and utilize multiple Identity Providers (IDPs). This functionality allows for greater flexibility and customization in managing user authentication within Jira. With our plugin, users can seamlessly integrate multiple IDPs and efficiently manage user access across different systems and services.

Case 4. Support for 2FA + SSO for better security.

The combination of 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) and SSO (Single Sign-On) offers enhanced security for user authentication. Atlassian Access currently allows customers to choose either SSO or 2FA, but not both simultaneously. However, our plugin fills this gap by enabling support for 2FA and SSO together.

To address this gap, our plugin offers a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with existing IAM systems. By leveraging our plugin, organizations can enable both 2FA and SSO concurrently, bolstering security while maintaining user convenience.


Our plugin by offering support for authentication protocols, LDAP/AD authentication, attribute transfers, and multiple IDP for Jira, along with 2FA+SSO, brings several benefits to Atlassian Access users.

  • It enhances security by leveraging existing user directories, implementing two-factor authentication, and allowing centralized user management.
  • It improves user experience through streamlined user management, single sign-on, and the ability to authenticate using preferred credentials.
  • It offers scalability and flexibility by accommodating various authentication requirements and integrating with multiple identity providers.
  • It ensures compliance and governance by enforcing access policies, meeting security regulations, and maintaining audit trails for authentication and authorization.

Finally, Summing It Up…

With miniOrange Jira OAuth plugin, you no longer need to feel trapped within the confines of Atlassian Access restrictions. Experience the freedom to choose, customize, and streamline your access management processes, unlocking the full potential of your Atlassian cloud products.

The plugin provides support for authentication protocols, LDAP/AD authentication, attribute transfers, multiple IDP for Jira, 2FA+SSO, to Atlassian Access users and brings enhanced security, streamlined user management, improved user experience, scalability and flexibility, and compliance and governance capabilities.

We could go on and on…but if you think this is what you need, all you got to do is reach out to us at +1 978 658 9387 or email your queries to info@xecurify.com, we would be glad to take it forward from there.