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OAuth Single Sign-On(SSO)

Why Choose miniOrange SSO Over Atlassian Native SSO?


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Support for 20+ OAuth/OpenID Providers.

Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) Support

Synchronization of user profile attributes

Customize Login and Logout Template

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Siemens faced challenges with Atlassian's basic SAML SSO functionality during their Cloud migration. Turning to miniOrange, they sought a tailored solution to integrate Atlassian Access with any OAuth/OIDC provider, preserving their existing setup. Explore how our customized SSO solution transformed access management for Siemens.

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AWS required a solution to integrate Jira and Confluence with their centralized user management system, AWS Cognito, for streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO). miniOrange made it possible through its Jira and Confluence OAuth/OIDC SSO plugins. Read more to find out how we moved user authentication from Atlassian apps to AWS Cognito for AWS.

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Porsche Informatik aimed to streamline login processes for Atlassian applications like Jira and Confluence. We enabled seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) between their LDAP Directory and OAuth Provider using miniOrange OAuth/OIDC SSO Add-ons. Read on to discover how we enhanced their user experience.

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rewe group

REWE Group utilized our miniOrange OAuth Plugin for Single Sign functionality in Jira and Confluence. They needed to assign all groups from the token response to users appropriately, even when multiple group attributes were present. miniOrange addressed this by improving our plugin to support mapping multiple group attributes and applying regex patterns to each attribute individually. Explore how our solution met REWE Group's precise requirements.

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Misumi Group Inc. was seeking a solution that would help them make a seamless transition to a new environment after Atlassian made the End of Server announcement. They found what they needed in the miniOrange Offline Server Licensing program, which allowed them to maintain their current setup while exploring Data Center and Cloud options. Explore how our solution provided Misumi Group with the necessary flexibility and support during their transition.

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KPMG sought a robust Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for their Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket applications, emphasizing tight control over authorization and authentication across servers. They required centralization of authentication to an Azure AD application. miniOrange provided tailored solutions through our OAuth and REST API applications, managing user authorization for browsers and authentication for REST APIs. Explore how our solution met KPMG's stringent security needs.

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Mercedes wanted to enhance security for users accessing Atlassian applications through their internal login system. Although they were already using a miniOrange plugin for Single Sign-On (SSO), they aimed to introduce an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication (2FA). Read on to discover how we customized their SSO setup to prompt users to perform 2FA during SSO.

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Benefits That Make Life Easier for You!

Enhanced Productivity icon

Enhanced Productivity

50% Faster

Boost user productivity with Single Sign-on by faster logins and seamless transition between Atlassian applications with a single click

Auto User Management icon

Auto User Management

120+ Hrs

Effortlessly map user profiles, groups and attributes from your Identity Provider to Atlassian.

Flexible Access Rules icon

Flexible Access Rules

100+ Combinations

Enable local authentication for external users or customers, while enforcing SSO-based login for internal users or admins.

Discover Our App Features

Multiple IDPs supported

Multi-provider Support

Enable seamless authentication for all users by configuring multiple OAuth/OpenID providers.

Redirection Rules icon

Redirection Rules

Redirect users to their specific IDPs based on their email domains, groups, and directories.

JIT and SCIM provisioning

JIT and SCIM Provisioning

Automate provisioning, group assignments, and attribute mapping for user ease and administrator efficiency. Automatically Synchronize users, portal-only customers, groups & directory with SCIM from multiple IDPs to your Atlassian apps.

Customized Login Page icon

Customize Login Page

Customize the login interface to reflect your brand identity, ensuring a professional experience.

Signed Encryption Support Icon

PKCE Support

PKCE is a security feature in OAuth 2.0 designed to mitigate authorization code interception attacks. It prevents malicious actors from intercepting and misusing the authorization code.

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Azure AD/
Entra ID

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Ping Identity

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Easy Setup Guides: Everything You Need to Know

Effortlessly configure your miniOrange add-ons with our curated, step-by-step setup guides for a quick and seamless setup.

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Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Incredible plugin and fantastic support

I would like to thank the team of this plugin for the incredible work they have done to fine-tune it to my need. it's really perfect thank you so much for this fantastic support!

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Straight-forward and efficient

We recently installed this plugin for our Jira and found the solution to be very straight-forward and efficient. The support team has been extremely helpful in setting it up and answering all subsequent questions in operating the plugin. Highly recommended!

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Best plugin, best support

Using the miniOrange Oauth SSO, connecting to an external SSO is easy. Everything is form driven and there are test pages to assist with mapping your SSO attributes and groups. We like working with miniOrange as they are fast to respond and open to feature requests.

One-Stop-Shop to Your Bundle of Security

Our product suite offers tailored solutions designed specifically for Atlassian environments, ensuring seamless compatibility and integration.

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