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Advance Option for Atlassian SSO

Advance Option for Atlassian SSO

Advance Option for Atlassian SSO enhance SSO capabilities and user experience of the Atlassian's build-in SSO option.

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Advance SSO Option plugin enhance SSO capabilities and user experience of the Atlassian's built-in SSO option. This will allows you to create custom SSO rule direction for different set of users. You can also create custom Login/Logout page with Login and Logout template.

DC Support

Data Center SSO to your Jira instance with any enterprise Identity Provider (IDP).

Service Desk Support

Enable Single Sign-On for customers and agents coming to ServiceDesk customer portal. SSO can be restricted to agents.


Faster and better troubleshooting issues, you can share plugin configurations and logs via email or customer portal.

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Key Features

Redirection Rules

It allows you to control how your users login into your Atlassian application using different parameters such as email address domain, groups, or user directory.

Custom Login Template

You can easily redesign the login page, add instructions, logos, multiple options for user login, etc.

Custom Logout Template

On logout, redirect user to configured custom logout URL or template.



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"Amazing Support, Wow!!!"

Amazing support. Suggested a change, had an updated copy of the plugin the same day. Wow!!!!

"More Features than Built in Atlassian SSO, Highly recommended!"

Amazing product with way more features and support than the build in Atlassian SSO 2.0. I highly recommend using this tool and works great with Duo 2FA.

"Extremely happy with this plugin"

Extremely happy with this plugin. Plugin is very easy to be setup and do have a lot of useful/configurable options. Initial setup takes like 10 minutes. Just perfect 🙂

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