Why choose miniOrange OAuth/OIDC over Atlassian SSO for Data Center?

miniOrange OAuth/OIDC SSO Apps for Data Center

miniOrange has been a reputed partner for Atlassian and provides secure and reliable Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that integrate seamlessly with the customer's existing frameworks. We provide SSO that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications by logging in only once - with just one set of login credentials. miniOrange OAuth/OIDC over Atlassian SSO provides rich set of features such as OIDC Logout Endpoint, Emegerncy Login URL, JIT Provisioning and many more. With the miniOrange OAuth/OIDC SSO apps, you can configure any OAuth/OIDC Provider with your Atlassian stack in just 10 minutes!

Both miniOrange and Atlassian provide OAuth SSO feature in all Atlassian host applications. miniOrange OAuth SSO for Data Center apps are easy to set up and provide a rich set of utility and security features.

Why miniOrange?

Free Installation of Plugin

We provide help in the installation and setup of the entire plugin to our customers

Advanced features

We provide advanced Single Sign-On and Security Features to our customers

World-Class Support

We provide dedicated support for every query with a quick response

Fit for every use-case

Built over 3+ years with feedback from customers to fit real world usecases

miniOrange OAuth/OIDC SSO Data Center App Unique Features

  1. Sync user information across Atlassian instance
  2. Support for custom OAuth/OIDC Provider
  3. Full Control on Login flow
  4. Enable Security parameters for OAuth/OIDC Single Sign-on.
  5. Enable SSO for the internal and external domains of the Atlassian application

Usecases Achieved by miniOrange OAuth/OIDC SSO for Data Center Apps

  1. Force SSO to only specific users

    Enable SSO for only a particular set of users and allow other users to log in using local credentials. With this, you can restrict SSO for only employees or internal users.

  2. Setup SSO with 16+ providers- Google Apps, Okta, GitHub, Cognito, Keycloak, Azure AD,...

    We provide SSO support for all known OAuth/OIDC Providers- Google, Discord, GitLab, GitHub, Meetup, Azure AD, Slack, Keycloak, AWS Cognito, OKTA, and many more... If you are using any other OAuth/OIDC Provider, you can use our custom OAuth/OIDC SSO for Data Center App to setup.

  3. Complete Control Over Login Flow

    With our add-on, you get full control over the login flow of your users. You can decide where your users will be redirected for login and you can change the look and feel of the login page also.

Limitations of Atlassian SSO 2.0 app

  1. No Support For advanced SSO and Security Features

    Atlassian SSO 2.0 application only provides the basic Single Sign-On using OAuth Protocol. It does not provide any extra security to your SSO flow.
    On the other hand, miniOrange OAuth/OIDC SSO for Data Center apps are rich in both authentication and security features.

Benefits of using miniOrange SSO plugin over Atlassian SSO

Multiple OAuth/OIDC App Setup

With miniOrange plugin you can configure more than one OAuth/OIDC Providers. So even if your users are scaterred across many Providers, you can allow all of them to Login to Atlassian application using via SSO using miniOrange plugin.

  1. Configure SSO for Multiple tenants in Azure
  2. Configure SSO for user in Multiple Realms in Keycloak
  3. Different OAuth Providers for different customer portals
  4. One OAuth Providersfor Internal users and one for External users
Share user information (Attribute Mapping)

Maintain the same user attributes across your OAuth/OIDC Provider and your Atlassian applications through SSO. With attribute mapping options, profile attributes such as email are updated in the Atlassian applications as per user profile on OAuth Provider when the user logs in via SSO.

Permission Management to Atlassian Application (Group Mapping)

You can restrict user access to Atlassian applications by assigning them to groups with required application access permission. We provide various options such as Just In Time provision for a seamless experience.

Feature Comparison

Both miniOrange and Atlassian provide SAML SSO feature in all Atlassian host applications. miniOrange SAML plugins are rich in features and very easy to setup. All the features of both Atlassian SSO2.0 and miniOrange SAML plugins are listed and compared below.

Single Sign-On Features :

Feature Details miniOrange SAML Data Center SSO Apps Atlassian SSO 2.0 app
Basic Single Sign-On Support for basic SSO with IDP
Support for 20+ IDPs Provides support and setup guides for all known IDPs
Import metadata Quick plugin setup by importing IDP metadata using file/URL
Test configuration Provision of testing the configuration before rolling out for your users
Certificate Rollover Automatic Sync of IDP Certificates for encryption and signing
NameID format Provision to select the NameID format
Download SP Metadata Quick setup at IDP using SP metadata file/URL

Security Features :

Feature Details miniOrange SAML Data Center SSO Apps Atlassian SSO 2.0 app
Encryption Provision to Encrypt and Decrypt SAML requests and responses
Signed Requests Provision to send signed SAML requests to prevent request forging
(For eg., by the man in the middle attack)
Custom Certificates Provision to configure your own certificates and to generate certificates from the plugin.

User and Groups Provisioning :

Feature Details miniOrange SAML Data Center SSO Apps Atlassian SSO 2.0 app
User Profile Attributes Sync Support to map user profile attributes to keep the user information on Atlassian application in sync with IDP
Login Attribute Option to choose either the Email address or Username as login attribute
Regex for username Use regex to extract username from any attribute (For eg., email)
Permission Management Manage users permissions by assigning groups with application permissions to users on SSO
Group Mapping Provision to map groups from IDP to local groups
On The Fly Group Mapping Synchronize users groups from IDP to Atlassian application on SSO

Redirection Rules :

Feature Details miniOrange SAML Data Center SSO Apps Atlassian SSO 2.0 app
Force Authentication Auto Redirect to Identity provider for Login
Emergency/Backdoor URL To allow Atlassian application login page access to a specific set of users (mostly admins)

Look and Feel :

Feature Details miniOrange SAML Data Center SSO Apps Atlassian SSO 2.0 app
Custom Templates Provision to customize the Login and Error Pages
Custom logout Provision to customize the Logout Pages and provision to configure a logout URL

Other Features :

Feature Details miniOrange SAML Data Center SSO Apps Atlassian SSO 2.0 app
Remember Login Feature to remember a user login to avoid multiple logins on the same device
Import/Export plugin configurations Easy to migrate to a new instance. (For eg., Staging to Production instance)
Disable Password Reset Feature to remove the ability from users to reset the password of Atlassian Application
Auto Activate Users on SSO Provision to allow auto activation of users that are deactivated on Atlassian application at the time of SSO