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Better Collaboration

Customized profiles highlight key collaboration tools, facilitating seamless communication and coordination among team members.

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Increased Efficiency

Personalized dashboards and shortcuts help users quickly access the tasks and information they need, boosting overall productivity.

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Enhanced User Experience

Tailored interfaces streamline workflows by presenting users with relevant information and tools, reducing time spent navigating unnecessary features.

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LDAP attribute synchronization

Seamlessly synchronize profile attributes with LDAP for automated updates. Choose between manual input or LDAP synchronization for attribute values.

Profile Picture Sync

Automatically sync profile pictures from LDAP to set avatars in Jira and profile pictures in Confluence, ensuring consistency across platforms.

Custom Design Template

Attribute Management and Descriptions

Customize attribute properties, including display preferences and LDAP synchronization options, and add descriptions to custom profile attributes. This combination allows for tailored user profile attributes that provide context and clarity, facilitating better understanding and usage.

Additional Attributes in Jira Tickets

Expand ticket details with custom attributes such as location and department, enhancing ticket customization and information.

Attribute Visibility on Hover

Quickly view configured attributes with hover-over functionality, eliminating the need to navigate to user profiles for attribute details.

Easy Setup Guides: Everything You Need to Know

Effortlessly configure your miniOrange add-ons with our curated, step-by-step setup guides for a quick and seamless setup.

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Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Incredible plugin and fantastic support

I would like to thank the team of this plugin for the incredible work they have done to fine-tune it to my need. it's really perfect thank you so much for this fantastic support!

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Straight-forward and efficient

We recently installed this plugin for our Jira and found the solution to be very straight-forward and efficient. The support team has been extremely helpful in setting it up and answering all subsequent questions in operating the plugin. Highly recommended!

Atlassian Marketplace Four Star Rating

Easy to install and setup

Easy to install and setup, worked as expected. Was given very good technical support when it came to customizations for our organisation.

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Our product suite offers tailored solutions designed specifically for Atlassian environments, ensuring seamless compatibility and integration.

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