Jenkins Two factor Authentication(2FA)

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Enhanced Security

100% Secure

Enhance the security of your Jenkins applications with an additional layer of protection using miniOrange's Two Factor Authentication.

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Authentication Methods

9+ Methods

Choose from more than 9 different 2FA methods like OTP over email/SMS, Duo Push, and many more to best suit your needs.

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Controlled Access

100% No Risk

Fine-tune your 2FA security with granular control. Enable/disable 2FA for users or groups, grant/restrict access by IP, and more.

Supported Authentication Methods

Google Authenticator icon

Google Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator icon

Microsoft Authenticator

Yubikey Hardware Token icon

Yubikey Hardware Token

OTP over Email icon

OTP over Email

OTP over SMS icon

OTP over SMS

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Duo Push Notification

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Security Questions

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Backup Codes

Discover Our App Features

Multiple IDPs supported

IP whitelisting & blocking

Provides IP white-listing for trusted users who can log into Jenkins directly.

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Brute force Protection

Provision for restricting the access to your Jenkins Application based on the number of Invalid Login Attempts for the specified period of time.

JIT and SCIM provisioning

Multiple 2FA & backup methods

Choose from more than 10 different 2FA methods like TOTP, Duo Push, and many more to best suit your needs, and access your account with backup methods like security questions in case your authenticator device is not accessible, stolen, or hacked.

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Enable/disable 2FA for users & groups

Enable/ disable 2FA for an individual user or groups. In case of issues like loss of phone, reset 2FA for those users.

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Remember 2FA on my device

Skip two-factor authentication on your trusted devices for hassle-free logins with added security.

User Self Enrollment

Let users enroll their own devices with preferred authentication methods like Google authenticator app, Security questions, OTP over Email etc.

Supports All Phones

Support across all models of smartphones like iPhone, Android, Microsoft and BlackBerry.


Quick and dedicated support via email, customer portal and debug calls to resolve queries at the earliest.

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