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Jenkins Two Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA)

Jenkins Two Factor Authentication

miniOrange provides easy to use 2-factor authentication for secure login to your Jenkins Instance. It replaces insecure passwords and elevates the security. Various methods like Hardware token (U2F/FIDO), TOTP combine to give an outstanding user experience.

  • Easy setup for any Jenkins user
  • 1-Click download and activation.
  • Supports multiple methods like TOTP, Hardware token (U2F/FIDO), etc.
  • Supports 2FA for all security realms in Jenkins.
  • Starbucks
  • Nasa
  • Mercedez
  • AWS
  • Telstra
  • Porsche
  • JHU
  • Vodafone

Two-Factor Authentication for Jenkins Plugin adds a layer of security to Jenkins authentication by requiring users to provide a second factor of authentication along with their username and password. It supports various 2FA/MFA methods like TOTP, OTP over Email, U2F, Yubikey hardware token, Security Questions and Backup Methods. We support almost all the TOTP and Mobile based authenticators like Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo, Microsoft Authenticator, FortiToken, 2FA Authenticator etc. It enhances the overall security of your Jenkins environment. Additionally, this plugin does not require you to extend the security realm, making it easier to implement and use.


Google Authenticator
Authy Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
OTP over SMS
OTP over Email
Security Questions
Yubikey Hardware Token
Duo Push Notification

Key Features

Secure Two Factor Authentication

Secure Jenkins Login with TOTP, Hardware token (U2F/FIDO) second-factor authentication.

Multiple 2Fa Methods

Choose from more than 10 different 2FA methods like TOTP, Hardware token (U2F/FIDO), and many more to best suit your needs.

Back-up Methods

Access your account with backup methods like security questions in case authenticator device is not accessible, stolen or hacked.

Remember device

With remember device enabled, users are challenged with the second factor only for the first time.

IP Blocking & White-Listing

Provides IP white-listing for trusted users who can log into Jenkins directly.

Brute Force Prevention

Provision for restricting the access to your Jenkins Application based on the number of Invalid Login Attempts for the specified period of time.

User Self Enrollment

Let users enroll their own devices with preferred authentication methods like Google authenticator app, Security questions, OTP over Email etc.

Supports All Phones

Support across all models of smartphones like iPhone, Android, Microsoft and BlackBerry.


Faster and better troubleshooting issues, you might need to share plugin configurations and logs via email or customer portal.

Enable/Disable 2Fa

Enable/disable 2FA for users, individually, in bulk or group wise.

Reset 2Fa

In case of any issues like loss of phone, 2FA for Jenkins can be reset for users.

Security Question

Users get to choose from a variety of questions and users can also add their own questions.

Deploy Quickly

It can be deployed for your entire user-base in minutes.

Enhanced Security

2 Factor authentication service to check who you claim you are before you go forward.

Increased Productivity and flexibility

2FA is an effective method to secure mobile devices where employees can safely access company-owned applications.


  • Unlimited Authentications
  • Support all security realm
  • Troubleshooting
  • Enable/ Disable 2FA for all users
  • Limited Authentication methods

  •  Support
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  • Unlimited Authentications
  • Support all security realm
  • Priority Troubleshooting
  • Enable/Disable 2FA for all users
  • Enable/Disable 2FA for groups in users
  • Support multiple Authentication methods
  • Back-up Methods
  • Remember device
  • IP Blocking & White-Listing
  • Brute Force Protection
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