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Elevating MFA user experience for Utah Information Service

Elevating MFA user experience for Utah Information Service

UTAH Information service GmbH had its sights set on ramping up their security game by incorporating a two-factor authentication setup for their Atlassian suite. The cherry on top was that they wanted to give users the autonomy to choose their preferred authentication method. However, the admin team encountered a hurdle as a large chunk of their clientele were non-native English speakers, making it a tall order to explain the setup process that was easy to comprehend. To add to their woes, there were doubts regarding the credibility of the 2FA notifications.

Solutions We Provided to UTAH:

We put forth our revolutionary mO Two Factor Authentication addon, which is not only loaded with a plethora of authentication options but also boasts a remarkable feature that lets administrators tailor the appearance of all user-facing pages to their heart's content. With this nifty feature, admins can seamlessly integrate their company name, informative messages, and fine-tune the styling of pages to align with their existing theme. This ensures that users are reassured that the 2FA prompts are legitimate and sanctioned by their organization. Furthermore, admins can add, modify or delete instructions in any language, enabling users to easily set up 2FA without requiring any external support. This breakthrough feature is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the user experience and circumventing the potential inconvenience of 2FA.

Key Benefits of the Solution :

  • With our proposal, you have the freedom to tweak the content in any language to guide your users to configure their 2FA autonomously. So, language barriers? No problem!
  • Our proposition provides complete support for tailoring end-user pages to authenticate the 2FA prompts. Say goodbye to any doubts about the authenticity of the 2FA notifications!
  • With our proposal, you can take a sneak peek at the tweaked page before going live with it for all your users. It's always better to be safe than sorry!
  • Rest easy, knowing that our proposal ensures a frictionless 2FA experience for your users, without making any compromises on security.

At miniOrange, we are firm believers in simplifying your life, and our mO Two Factor Authentication addon is a testament to that philosophy. Don't take our word for it, though. Give it a spin today, and you'll understand why it's the undisputed top pick for your organization.