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Exclusive features other miniOrange cloud app provides

  • Multiple Identity Providers(IDPs) to authenticate different types of users with different IDP.
  • Multiple Department Based Login to force the users to authenticate via a specific IDP based on the users' department.
  • Domain Mapping that allow users to redirect to their IDP based on their email departments.
  • Custom Attribute Mapping to update the user profile attributes in the application with the user attributes received from the IdP.
  • Signed Request and Response to secure your SSO with signed requests and encrypted SAML assertions.
  • Username Transformation to extract the required username from the received attribute using Regular Expression.
  • Group Mapping allows mapping user’s Identity Provider(IdP) groups to application groups. The user groups are updated on SSO.
  • User Store to integrate your application with multiple user stores like AD, LDAP, external database, etc. to easily manage your users.
  • Server to Cloud Migration to easily migrate your server SSO settings into Cloud.