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Data – PII Scanner (DLP) for Confluence

The Confluence PII Scanner is a robust tool designed to enhance data privacy and compliance within Confluence environments. This powerful application scans the entire Confluence instance, meticulously identifying and reporting potential Personally Identifiable Information (PII) leaks. In today's data-driven landscape, protecting sensitive information is paramount, and this tool serves as a proactive measure to ensure user privacy and adhere to compliance standards.

Download And Installation

  • Log into your Confluence cloud as an admin.
  • Click on Apps from navbar, a dropdown will appear.
  • Then click on explore more apps.
  • Now, Search for Data - PII Scanner (DLP) for Confluence and click on the plugin.
  • Here you can click on Try it free to start installing our plugin and get a free trial.

1: Get Started

  • Under Apps section in the top-Nav bar, You will find the app by the name Data - PII Scanner. This will only appear for Admins and not users.
  • 1.1: Comprehensive Scan of all Confluence Spaces

    • On the top right corner of the interface, locate and select the Scan option to initiate a comprehensive scan across all Confluence pages.
    • As the scan progresses, you can monitor the completion status through the visual representation provided by the progress bar. This action allows you to thoroughly examine and keep tabs on the scanning process for Confluence pages. After complete scan, you can see what all PII is exposed in the space and you can take desired action.
    • Setup Two Factor (2FA / MFA) Authentication for Bamboo using OTP, KBA, TOTP methods

    1.2: Detailed Space Findings and Pages Violations

    • Chose the specific Space for which you desire detailed insights into page-wise findings and violations. Following that selection, click on the Refresh option to initiate a fresh scan of the chosen space, providing you with updated information on any identified findings and plugin violations.
    • This process ensures that you have the most current and accurate results for the designated Confluence Space and its pages.
    • Setup Two Factor (2FA / MFA) Authentication for Bamboo using OTP, KBA, TOTP methods

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