Revolutionizing User and Group Management: Empowering DPG Media with miniOrange’s Jira SCIM Solution

Revolutionizing User and Group Management: Empowering DPG Media with miniOrange's Jira SCIM Solution

miniOrange x DPG

Our Client

DPG Media is a Belgian media company that operates across various platforms, including print, online, radio, and television. It is one of the largest media companies in Belgium and the Netherlands, with a wide range of brands and outlets under its umbrella. DPG Media owns popular newspapers, magazines, television channels, radio stations, and digital platforms, covering news, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. The company is known for its diverse media portfolio and influence in the Belgian and Dutch media landscapes.

Why DPG Media reached out to miniOrange:

DPG Media has been using the Jira offering of Atlassian for a long time. With the onboarding of new users in Jira, they started facing administration issues and required automation of the user and group management. Along with this, they had a requirement of Authentication of Jira Users via OneLogin.

Our Solution

Leveraging miniOrange's Jira SCIM User and Group Management app, we addressed DPG Media's needs effectively. By establishing a SCIM Connection between OneLogin and Jira SCIM App, we synchronized users and groups from OneLogin to Jira, ensuring compatibility with miniOrange’s SSO implementation. This comprehensive solution facilitated the authorization and authentication of Jira Users directly from OneLogin.

‘Jira SCIM User and Group Management’ at Work

Our Jira SCIM/User Sync app seamlessly syncs user and group information from providers like Microsoft Entra ID (Previously known as Azure AD), Okta, OneLogin, and G Suite with Jira, enabling manual, automatic, or login-triggered syncs. With centralized user account management in providers like OneLogin, administrators effortlessly handle user provisioning.

The way it works:

We implemented SCIM connection with the OneLogin for the User and Group Provisioning. This automated Jira's user and group management and reduced the administrative burden. Since the app is compatible with the miniOrange Jira SSO app, it complements the functionality of the SSO for user and group management. With the combination of the miniOrange Jira SSO app, the app provided authorization and Authentication for Jira Users from OneLogin.

How Our Solution Benefited Our Client

  • Automated User and Group Management: Streamlined user and group management in Jira Datacenter from OneLogin, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden and Improved Accuracy: Automation minimizes administrative tasks, enhancing accuracy and productivity.
  • License Cost Management: Support for de-provisioning Users based on OneLogin account status optimizes license management, reducing costs.
  • Compatibility with miniOrange Jira SSO: Seamless integration completes Authentication and Authorization from a Single Identity Provider for Jira, enhancing security and user experience.

And That Brings Us to Your Needs

DPG Media is one of the many success stories that we have, they have experienced and benefitted from our suite of customizable solutions as per the needs of each client. It would be our pleasure to find the right solution for your company. So, get on a discovery call at +1 978 658 9387 or email your queries to, we would be glad to forward from there.