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Jenkins Crowd Connector

The Jenkins Crowd SSO Connector allows users to enable SAML Authentication from any SAML compliant Identity Provider(IDP), where SAML SSO requests and responses to and from the IDP will pass via the Crowd server. The IDP will perform user authentication, while user permissions can still be controlled using Crowd.

Sonarqube crowd SSO details  Setup the Crowd Application

  • Login to the crowd admin console.
  • Navigate to Applications → Add Application.
  • Select application type as Generic application and provide all the details.
  • Make sure you copy the application name and password.
  • Assign users and groups.

Sonarqube crowd SSO details  Setup the Jenkins SSO Plugin

  • Download the plugin.
  • Enable the SAML Login toggle, and save the changes.
  • Login in the admin dashboard.
  • Select the Manage Jenkins→ Manage Plugins → Advanced tab.
  • Jenkins manage plugin
  • Scroll down and upload the plugin.
  • Jenkins plugin deploy
  • Make sure you restart the Jenkins.
  • Again login to the admin panel → Manages Jenkins → Configure Global Security.
  • Under Authorization enable miniOrange Crowd Integration.

Sonarqube Crowd connector sso  Crowd Integration Configurations

  • Enter Crowd URL in the Crowd Configurations.
  • jenkins crowd configurations
  • Similarly, paste the crowd application name and password as well.
  • Enable Use SSO and Do you want to disable the Default login check box.
  • Enter cookie domain as the same one you have configured in Crowd.
  • Keep cookie.token key as the default crowd.token_key.
  • Keep the rest configurations as default.

Crowd Troubleshooting

If you encounter any difficulties while setting up miniOrange Crowd add-ons, please refer to this Crowd troubleshooting page for assistance.

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