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Jira Cloud User Provisioning (SCIM) for Okta

User Sync & Group Sync app sync user and group information from Okta to Jira Cloud. This way the administrator only needs to manage user accounts in Okta. This reduces the administration time required to create users and groups in Atlassian modules such as Jira Cloud.

Download And Installation

  • Log into your atlassian instance as admin.
  • Navigate to the settings menu and Click Manage Apps.
  • Click on Find new apps .
  • Locate miniOrange User and Group Sync app.
  • Click Try free to begin a new trial or Buy now to purchase a license.
  • Enter your information and click Generate license when redirected to MyAtlassian.
  • Click Apply license.

Step 1: Setup Okta SCIM Configurations

  • Login to your Okta organization as a user with administrator privileges.
  • Navigate to Admin Portal Applications. Click on Browse App Catalog.
  • SCIM OKTA App Catalog
  • Now search for the SCIM. Add the SCIM 2.0 Test App (Bearer Token) application. If you had selected SCIM 1.1 earlier, then you would need to select SCIM 1.1 Test App(Bearer Token).
  • User provisioning with Okta of SCIM Standard - create application
  • Click on the Add Integration button.
  • User provisioning with Okta of SCIM Standard - add SCIM application
  • Once the app is created, go to the Provisioning menu of the application and Click on the Configure API Integration button.
  • Now click on the Enable API Integration and enter the SCIM Base URL (as SCIM connector base URL) and SCIM Bearer Token (as Authorization) from the SCIM Configuration tab of the plugin.
  • User provisioning with Okta of SCIM Standard provisioning- Enable API integration
  • Click on Test API Credentials. If the connection is established, it will show a success message.
  • Click on the Save button. After that Click on To App under the Settings option on the left side.
  • Click on Edit button and check the Create Users, Update User Attributes and Deactivate Users checkbox and click on the Save button.
  • User provisioning with Okta of SCIM Standard Create users or deactivate users
  • Then go to Assignments menu and add Users that you want to provision into your application. You can also assign groups. Members of the assigned groups will be provisioned to Atlassian module.
  • User provisioning with Okta of SCIM Standard assign people or groups SCIM
  • To enable group mapping for a group you will need to add it in the push group section. Go to Push Groups tab and click on Push Groups button. Then click on find the group by name or you can also find it by the group rule. Then you can search and select the group.
  • confluence-scim-okta-push-groups
  • After finding the group you will need to Activate Group Push to start group sync.
  • confluence-scim-okta-push-groups

Step 2: Configure API token

2.1: User Sync

  • Setup API Token by clicking Configure API Token button.
  • Enter your Admin Email
  • Generate your own API token. Please refer this document here .
  • Please enter Application Name and click on Submit button. Copy the SCIM Base URL and SCIM Bearer Token, these will be used later to configure SCIM application on miniOrange IDP.

  • Jira Cloud SCIM

2.2: Customer Sync

  • In the Configuration tab, please select the IDP provider.
  • Jira Cloud SCIM
  • Select the Customer Sync option.
  • Jira Cloud SCIM
  • In the SCIM configuration, Please enter the App Name and click on the Save Settings button. Copy the Customer Base URL and Customer Bearer Token, these will be used later to configure the SCIM application on the IDP provider.
  • Jira Cloud SCIM
  • In the Group Mapping setting add the group from which you want to give permission to the project.
    eg:- If you have a private Project name:- Demo service project and you have IDP group name:- Jira-Service-group. So if we provision user who has Jira-Service-group assigned in Plugin group mapping, he will get access to the portal of Demo Service Project.
  • Jira Cloud SCIM

Step 3: Provisioning Operations

  • Enable Import Users option to create users automatically if they do not exist in Jira.
  • Enable Import Groups option to create groups automatically if they do not exist in Jira.
  • User and gruop provisioning in Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket Select Provider
  • Click on Submit.

Step 4: Multiple IDPs

  • The plugin allows for configuring multiple IDPs on your SP to accommodate your specific use case. To add another IDP, simply navigate to the "Configured IDPs" section.
  • Jira Cloud SCIM

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