Streamlined User and Group Name Variance: miniOrange Usersync Solution for Jira in Action

Streamlined User and Group Name Variance: miniOrange Usersync Solution for Jira in Action

miniOrange x Better Be

Client Overview:

BetterBe, a prominent SaaS company renowned for its API services, stands out as a leading provider of essential tools for seamless business operations. Ranked among the top 10 automotive service providers globally, BetterBe's services are relied upon by numerous multi-billion dollar companies, including Alphabet, Volkswagen Group, and Stellantis Financial Services.

Why BetterBe reached out to miniOrange

BetterBe faced significant challenges managing users and groups across their Atlassian Cloud and DC Suite, compounded by a large user base in Okta. Synchronizing these entities between Okta and Jira Cloud & DC proved daunting, especially with variations in group names. BetterBe turned to miniOrange for a solution.

We used our decade-long expertise in Atlassian user and group management to develop a custom user provisioning solution that met BetterBe's specific requirements. This included features for filtering incoming user and group requests from Okta and applying regex transformations to group names as needed.

Miniorange Jira SCIM Cloud & DC Solution:

The miniOrange Usersync for DC and Cloud is a solution designed to seamlessly synchronize users and groups between identity providers and Atlassian's directory. Our real-time synchronization ensures that any changes made in Okta are immediately reflected in the Atlassian Directory, simplifying user management for administrators.

MiniOrange’s solution offered the exact feature set BetterBe needed, including Portal-only LDAP sync, Regex on incoming groups and users, detailed Audit Logs, and Manual Group mapping. Our exceptional support, coupled with cost-effective pricing, made our solution an obvious choice for BetterBe.

Seamless Setup and User-Friendly Operation:

The miniOrange Usersync solution offers a hassle-free setup process, allowing Atlassian admins to configure it within minutes. Our intuitive interface and streamlined workflow ensure simplicity and ease of use for administrators at every step of the process.

Our solution takes care of the synchronization process between Okta and Atlassian, eliminating the need for constant monitoring by administrators. Here's how it works:

  • Creation of SCIM Application: We start by creating a new SCIM application within BetterBe's Okta. Simultaneously, a new "SCIM" application is established within our solution on the Atlassian side.
  • Successful Connection: The two applications are seamlessly connected using the details provided in our Usersync solution, ensuring a smooth integration process.
  • Configuring Filter in Usersync Plugin: The BetterBe team configures the filter settings in our plugin according to their needs. The administrator enters the regex pattern they want to apply to incoming groups from Okta. Our plugin then transforms the incoming groups accordingly.
  • Assignment of Users and Groups: BetterBe's team assigns specific users and groups that need synchronization at the Atlassian side to the newly created application in Okta.
  • Transformation of Incoming Groups: Our plugin ensures seamless synchronization of users and groups into Atlassian’s directory, applying specified regex and/or filters. The newly created groups align with the regex applied in our Usersync application, preventing duplicate creation.
  • Automated Replication of Changes: Any modifications made within our application are instantly replicated into the Atlassian Directory, ensuring real-time synchronization of user base and permissions. Ultimately, in Atlassian’s directory, the group is matched with the pre-existing jira-users name.

How our Solution Benefited the BetterBe:

After rigorous testing and iterations, BetterBe successfully implemented the miniOrange Usersync solution, saving valuable time and resources while increasing productivity. They were pleased to find no duplicates during user and group creation, thus saving on licensing costs for both Cloud and DC.

This reduced administrative burdens for the admin, who no longer had to manage Okta and Atlassian separately. Our seamless synchronization capabilities and intuitive user interface allowed them to effortlessly manage users, groups, and permissions, reducing manual overhead.

In conclusion, the MiniOrange Usersync solution transformed user synchronization at BetterBe, earning its place among our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

Your needs, Our solution:

BetterBe’s solution stands as a testament to the success miniOrange can bring to your organization. But this story is just one of many. Whether your challenges are similar to that of BetterBe or have their own unique complexities, our solutions can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Ready to explore how we can address your specific requirements? Let's start with a discovery call. Reach out to us at +1 978 658 9387 or email your inquiries to We're eager to collaborate with you for your success!