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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should the IP Address of the Active Directory server be entered in the Domain Controller (DC) Host Name/IP Address field?

    Every Domain Controller (DC) implements two main domain services. One is the Key Distribution Center (KDC) and the other is the Active Directory(AD). The KDC is essentially a network service that supplies session tickets and temporary session keys to users and computers within a domain, and it uses the Domain Controller’s Active Directory service as an accounts database. The IP Address that needs to be entered in the Domain Controller (DC) Host Name/IP Address field is the address of the KDC.

    This can be done by using this command in your ADs command prompt:

    nslookup DOMAIN_NAME

    Here, replace DOMAIN_NAME with the complete domain name of your Domain Controller.

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  • After completing the configuration process, server fails to restart.

    This problem can be faced if a connection with the required Key Distribution Center could not be established. This can be solved by reverting one of the configurations added to your server’s web.xml file. In the third step of the configurations, a filter is added to the web.xml file located in the conf folder of your server installation location. Please remove the filter added and then try to restart the server.

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