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Nexus as SP-SAML

Step 2: Setup Nexus as Service Provider

          2.1: Activating the Nexus SAML Plugin

            • Log into Nexus as administrator and go to Administration >> Security >> Realms page.
            • To activate the Mo SAML Realm move the realm from the Available list to the Active list and save the changes.
            • Note: Please note that the realm order in the Active box determines the order of the realms in your authentication flow. We recommend putting Mo SAML Realm after the built-in realm.
              Nexis Active
            • Once the Mo SAML Realm is active, go to the Administration >> System >> Capabilities page and click on the Create capability button.
            • capabalities nexis
            • Find and select miniOrange SAML SSO capability and scroll to the bottom of the page.
            • You’ll find the fields for Email Address and License Key. Enter your email and the license key provided by miniOrange, and then proceed to configure the rest of the plugin.
            • You can find SP metadata for Nexus SAML plugin at : <nexus_base_url>/service/rest/v1/security/mosaml/metadata
            • nexis email

          2.2: Configuring IDP details in Nexus SAML

            1. After adding SP application on IDP, you’ll receive below IDP metadata details:
            2. 1. IDP Entity ID
              2. IDP SSO URL
              3. IDP X.509 Certificate

            3. Enter these IDP details into respective fields on miniOrange SAML SSO capability page, and save the settings.
            4. nexis email

          2.3: User Profile and Group Mapping Configuration

            1. On the miniOrange SAML SSO capability page, scroll to the Attribute Mapping section.
            2. Provide the attribute name for below fields, which will be receiving from the IDP:
            3. 1. Username
              2. Email
              3. Display name

            4. Now scroll down to the Group Mapping section and provide the group attribute name receiving from the IDP and then save the settings.
          Once configurations are done, you can access the login page where you’ll see two buttons: Nexus Login for local authentication, and SAML SSO Login for SSO authentication.