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Okta as OAuth provider- Atlassian cloud

Part 2: Setup miniOrange with Okta

Step 1. Setup Okta as IDP

  • First of all, go to https://www.okta.com/login and log into your Okta account.
  • Switch to Classic UI to configure app.
  • OAuth/OpenID/OIDC Single Sign On (SSO), Okta SSO Login Setup Okta
  • Go to the Applications from the left menu and then click on Create App Integration button.
  • OAuth/OpenID/OIDC Single Sign On (SSO), Okta SSO Login Add Application
  • Select OIDC-OpenID Connect as a Sign-in method and then choose Web Application as an Application type.
  • OAuth/OpenID/OIDC Single Sign On (SSO), Okta SSO Login Web
  • You will be redirected to the app details page. Enter Application name and Login Redirect URIs. Copy Callback URL from the plugin to configure Login Redirect URL. Click on Save.
  • OAuth/OpenID/OIDC Single Sign On (SSO), Okta SSO Login OpenID connect integration
  • You will be brought to App details page. Scroll down to Client Credentials section.
  • OAuth/OpenID/OIDC Single Sign On (SSO), Okta SSO Login Client Credentials

    Step 2. Setup miniOrange as Service Provider

  • Go to miniOrange Admin Console.
  • From the left navigation bar select Identity Provider. Then click on Add Identity Provider
  • Salesforce Saml App
  • Select OAuth tab.
  • Salesforce Saml App
  • Enter the following values.
  • IdP Name Custom Provider
    IdP Display Name Choose appropriate Name
    OAuth Authorize Endpoint https://{yourOktaDomain}.com/oauth2/default/v1/authorize
    OAuth Access Token Endpoint https://{yourOktaDomain}.com/oauth2/default/v1/token
    OAuth Get User Info Endpoint https://{yourOktaDomain}/oauth2/default/v1/userinfo
    Client ID From step 1
    Client secret From step 1
    Scope openid profile email
  • Click on save

Step 3. Test connection between miniOrange and Okta

  • Go to the miniOrange Admin Dashboard.
  • Go to Identity Providers tab. Then click on select button under the app you just created. Then click on Test Connection.
  • A new popup login window will open. Enter your credentials and login.
  • Atlassian Access Cloud SSO (Single Sign-On) Add Member
  • Now you will see TEST SUCCESSFUL in a new popup window. If not, then check if you have missed any of the above step.