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Sharing of Jupyter Notebook via Confluence Pages

miniOrange’s ‘Share Confluence with External Users’ Proves to Be a Cost-Effective Solution for a University in Hong Kong

The Need

A University in Hong Kong involved the use of ‘Jupyter Notebook’ as an aid in its teaching methodology which they wanted to share with their students through Confluence. However, buying licenses for all the students was not a feasible option. Therefore, we were approached for a solution that would allow them to share the Confluence Pages with students without giving them application access.

The Solution

We presented our solution to the university, ‘Share Confluence with External Users’ which allowed them to share the Confluence page with all their students without incurring extra licensing costs.

Furthermore, to ensure the security of the shared Confluence page, we provided the option to enforce an expiry date and password on the shared link. This way, the university could ensure that only their students could access the content, and it wouldn't be accessible to unauthorized individuals.

How It Works

  • The client was able to create a shareable Confluence page link using our add-on which also displayed a Jupyter notebook.
  • Apply granular permissions on the shared link like view/add comments, view/add attachments and share child pages.
  • The client was able to secure the link by setting a password and expiration time. The link will become inaccessible after the expiration.

Key Benefits

    The implementation of this solution allowed the university and its professors to share the notebook with all their students through a single Confluence page. Other noteworthy benefits:
  • Cost-effective solution: Embedding Jupyter Notebook into Confluence allowed professors to share the Notebook with all their students without incurring extra licensing costs for Confluence.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Sharing the notebook through Confluence allowed for enhanced collaboration and easy access for all students.
  • Improved security:Enforcing an expiry date and password on the shared link ensured that only authorized students could access the notebook, enhancing security and protecting the content.
  • Streamlined workflow: The integration of Jupyter Notebook into Confluence streamlined the workflow for professors at the university, making it easy for them to share the notebook and manage access.

Find Out Which of Our Solutions Would Benefit You

Just as the university and its professors benefited from ‘Share Confluence with External Users’ addon, we have a wide range of solutions that are customizable as per the needs of each client. It would be our pleasure to find the right one for your company. So, get on a discovery call at +1 978 658 9387 or email your queries to info@xecurify.com, we will be glad to take it forward from there.