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Setup Duo Push Notification

Duo Push Notification as a 2FA method provides an additional layer of security by allowing users to APPROVE or DENY an authentication request received on their registered device. In order to enable Duo Push Notification as a 2FA method for all users, the admin needs to integrate the Atlassian application with Duo.

You can refer the steps to configure Duo Push Notification for Jira from the video or documentation given below

Step 1: Configure Duo Push Notification

  1. Sign up for a Duo account if you do not have a Duo account.
  2. Log in to the Duo Admin Panel and navigate to Applications.

  3. Duo push
  4. Click Protect an Application and locate the entry for Auth API in the applications list.
  5. Click Protect to the far-right to configure the application.

  6. Duo push
  7. Get your integration key, secret key, and API hostname.

  8. Duo push

Step 2: Integrate Duo Push application with the Atlassian application

  1. Now navigate to the Advanced Settings tab in the 2FA addon & Enter the above values in the Duo Push Notification Settings section. Save the configuration.

  2. Duo push
  3. Navigate to the Two Factor Settings tab & select Duo Push Notification as 2FA methods For User. Also, you can enable Backup Method for emergency login in case the users don’t have access to their registered devices i.e mobile, tablet, etc.

  4. Duo push
  5. Navigate to the User Management tab & enable the 2FA for any user or for any group. So that, it will execute the 2FA flow only for respective users.

  6. Duo push

Step 3: End-user flow

  1. Now any user performs login & 2FA is enabled for the respective user then it will show the below screen. User needs to click Next.

  2. Duo push
  3. The User will see the below screen with steps to configure Duo Push Notification. User needs to click the Send Me Push Notification button once done with registration.

  4. Duo push
    The user will receive a Push Notification on their registered device, they need to click APPROVE to continue.

  5. If the Backup method is configured after successful completion of step 10 the user will redirect to respective backup method for further configuration.
  6. On next login if 2FA is already configured by the user, he will be redirected to the validation page for validation.

  7. This is how you can enable the Duo Push Notification for any user

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