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Setup Guide for Custom OAuth

  • Register an OAuth application on your Provider by configuring the Callback URL provided in the plugin. The callback URL would be {oauth_client_base_url}/plugins/servlet/oauth/callback
  • Collect the endpoints given below from your Provider to configure them in the plugin.
  • EndpointsUse
    Client ID Identify the application.
    Client Secret Authenticate the Authorization Server.
    Scope Limit an application's access to a user's account.
    Authorization Endpoint Identify a user or obtain an authorization code.
    Access Token Endpoint Allows an application to access an API.
    User Info Endpoint Access the user profile information.
    Group Endpoint (optional) Fetch groups of a user.
    Logout Endpoint (optional) Enter the Logout endpoint of your OAuth/OpenID Provider. Leave it blank if Logout endpoint is not supported by provider.