Daimler Truck Journey: Enhanced Atlassian Application Security and User Management through miniOrange

Daimler Truck Journey: Enhanced Atlassian Application Security and User Management through miniOrange

miniOrange x Daimler Truck

Our Valued Client

Daimler Truck stands tall as one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers globally, boasting over 40 production sites and a workforce exceeding 100,000 employees. Their offerings span a wide spectrum, from light to heavy-duty trucks, city and intercity buses, coaches, to bus chassis, complemented by tailored financial services.

Reasons Behind Daimler Truck's Engagement with miniOrange:

With a longstanding reliance on Atlassian's Jira and Confluence offerings, Daimler Truck encountered challenges in managing the influx of new users and groups, prompting the need for automation. Additionally, they sought authentication of these Atlassian Users via Microsoft Entra ID.

Our Customized Solution

Harnessing miniOrange's Jira and Confluence SCIM User and Group Management app, we effectively addressed Daimler Truck's needs. By establishing a seamless SCIM Connection between Microsoft Entra ID and Atlassian SCIM Apps, we synchronized users and groups from Microsoft Entra ID to Jira and Confluence, ensuring compatibility with miniOrange’s SSO implementation. This holistic solution facilitated direct authorization and authentication of these Users from Microsoft Entra ID.

'SCIM User and Group Management' in Action

Our SCIM/User Sync app seamlessly synchronizes user and group data from providers like Microsoft Entra ID (Previously known as Azure AD), Okta, and G Suite with Jira and Confluence, enabling manual, automatic, or login-triggered syncs. Centralized user account management within providers like Microsoft Entra ID empowers administrators to effortlessly handle user provisioning.

'Jira and Confluence SSO' in Motion

Our SSO application offers SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) for Atlassian applications such as Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence, with support for all SAML Identity Providers (IDP). Popular Identity Providers such as ADFS, Azure AD, Google Apps, Okta, and many more are readily configurable.

Implementation Highlights:

  • Seamless SCIM connection with Microsoft Entra ID for streamlined User and Group Provisioning.
  • Automated Jira's user and group management, reducing administrative burdens.
  • Compatibility with the miniOrange SSO app complements SSO functionality for user and group management.
  • Integration with the miniOrange SSO app provides seamless authentication and authorization for Jira and Confluence Users from Microsoft Entra ID.

How Our Solution Benefited Our Client

  • Automated User and Group Management: Streamlined user and group management in Atlassian Datacenter from Microsoft Entra ID, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden and Improved Accuracy: Automation minimizes administrative tasks, enhancing accuracy and productivity.
  • License Cost Management: Support for de-provisioning Users based on Microsoft Entra ID account status optimizes license management, reducing costs.
  • Compatibility with miniOrange Jira and Confluence SSO: Seamless integration completes Authentication and Authorization from a Single Identity Provider for Jira and Confluence, enhancing security and user experience.

Your Needs and Our Commitment

Daimler Truck's success story adds to our repertoire of satisfied clients, who have experienced the benefits of our customizable solutions. We look forward to tailoring the right solution for your company. Reach out to us for a discovery call at +1 978 658 9387 or email your queries to info@xecurify.com, and we'll be delighted to assist.