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2FA method – OTP over SMS

Step 1: Configure SMS gateway

  • Open 2FA plugin configurations in Jira.
  • Navigate to the OTP over SMS Settings section in the Advanced settings tab.
  • There are 2 options:
  • miniOrange gateway - Instructions to configure this are given in the section below (Configure miniOrange SMS Gateway).
  • Custom gateway - Use this option if you already use an SMS gateway in your organization.
    • Select Custom Gateway from the dropdown.
    • Enter the SMS Gateway URL in the provided field.
    • Change the SMS template as you want.
    • Save the settings.

Step 2: Enable OTP over SMS method

  • Go to the Two factor settings tab.
  • Enable the checkbox for Enable 2 Factor authentication for Jira.
  • Navigate to the 2FA methods for User section.
  • Enable OTP over SMS.
  • Scroll down and click on Save.

Step 3: Enable 2FA for a user

  • Navigate to the 2FA for Users section in the User management tab.
  • Search for the username and click on the Enable 2FA link given in the Action column.
  • Enable 2FA for a User

Step 4: 2FA configuration

  • Open the incognito window and log in to Jira with the test user credentials.
  • The user will see the Setup Two Factor screen as below. Click on Let’s configure 2nd Factor.
  • Setup 2FA
  • Now users will see Configure OTP over SMS screen. Enter Country code and Mobile number then click on Send OTP.
  • Configure OTP Over SMS
  • Enter the OTP received on your mobile phone in the Enter OTP field.
  • Configure OTP Over SMS Enter OTP
  • If the OTP is correct you will get redirected to the Jira dashboard and 2FA is successfully configured.

Step 5: 2FA verification

  • Now, whenever the user tries to log in again, an OTP will be sent to the Validate OTP Over SMS screen after entering the username and password.
  • Enter the OTP sent to your configured mobile and the user will get logged in.
  • Validate OTP

Step 1: Sign up to miniOrange IDP

  • Go to this link - https://www.miniorange.com/businessfreetrial.
  • Select WordPress and then select OTP Verification from the dropdown.
  • Enter Need to test OTP over SMS feature in 2FA on Jira in the write about your use case area.
  • Enter your personal details and click on signup.
  • Now your demo account is created in miniOrange IDP.

Step 2: Log in to miniorange

Step 3: Change the SMS template

Step 4: Copy Customer Key and API key

  • Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner. Note down the Customer Key and Customer API Key. We will need these to configure the miniOrange gateway in the 2FA plugin.

Step 5: Configure miniOrange gateway in the 2FA plugin on Jira

  • Open 2FA plugin configurations in Jira.
  • Navigate to the OTP over SMS Settings section in the Advanced settings tab.
  • Select miniOrange Gateway from the dropdown.
  • Enter the Customer Key and the API Key we got from the Settings tab of the IDP and save the settings.

Step 5: You are good to go