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Jira Secure Share Cloud Landing Page

Jira Secure Share Cloud

The Jira Secure Share cloud add-on allows you to share your Jira issues with users outside of Jira, i.e., even with unlicensed Jira users. miniOrange Secure Share provides security features like password protection or setting the validity of your shared Jira issue to ensure secure access via link.

Share your Jira issues with external users !

What We Do For You

Set Password Protection

Password protects the shareable access links, allowing only the users with the correct password to access the shared Jira issues.

Set Validity Constraints

Set the validity of a shareable access link, after which your end-users won't be able to access the shared Jira issue.

Deactivate a Shared Link

Deactivate a link with a single click at any time, revoking the access of the shared Jira issue from the shared access link.

Features List

  • View/Add Comments - Allow users to view or add, comments on shared issues
  • View/Add Attachments - Allow user to view/add attachment on shared issues
  • Auto-delete expired links - Auto delete expired links to save resources

Also supports Jira Data Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can share Jira Issues with external users by using Jira Secure Share add-on for Atlassian Cloud & DC.
Yes, our Secure Share add-ons come with additional security measures like time validity, password protection etc.
Yes, it’s possible to share your whole project with a single link even outside your organization.
Yes, you can deactivate the shared link anytime you want to revoke access from the user. Also, if you wish, you can set the time duration for which the link will be valid to revoke access after a specific time automatically.