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Jira Secure Share

Jira Secure Share

Jira Secure Share Issue allows you to share your Jira issues, even with non-Jira users. Password-protect or set the validity of your shared issue to ensure secure access via link.

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Secure Share for Jira allows you to share your Jira issues with anyone even with external users. This app solves one of the biggest challenges for the organizations using Jira, that is, sharing Jira issues with the users who do not even have a Jira account. By enabling external sharing for Jira with the help of mo Secure Share Issues, you remove the hassle of requiring users to have their Jira accounts to access Jira issues and thus can save licensing costs. Jira users could create and share issue links with the users external to Jira. The end-users could easily access the issue without logging into Jira with the help of these links.

DC Support

Enable external sharing with mo Secure Share on your Jira Data Center application


Cloud Support

Share your Jira Cloud issues with Password Protected Jira Links. Unlock External Share for Jira with mO Secure Share Issues

Service Desk Support

Enable external sharing with mo Secure Share on your Jira Service Desk application


Faster and better troubleshooting issues, you can share plugin configurations and logs via email or customer portal.

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Key Features

View/Add Comments

Set permissions over shareable access links, allowing end-users to view or add, comments on the shared page accordingly.

View/Add Attachments

Set permissions on shareable access links, allowing end-users to view, add attachments on the shared page.

Set Password

Password protects the shareable access links, allowing only the users with the correct password to access the shared Confluence page.

Set validity

Set the validity of a shareable access link, after which your end-users won't be able to access the shared Jira issue.

Deactivate a link

Deactivate a link with a single click at any time, revoking the access of the shared Jira issue from the shared access link.

Auto-delete expired links

Expired links will automatically be deleted in 7 days preventing unwanted consumption of processing and storage.



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