How a Leading AI Company Used Our ‘SSO Integration with Helpdesk’ to Enhance Customer Experience

How a Leading AI Company Used Our ‘SSO Integration with Helpdesk’ to Enhance Customer Experience

miniOrange x Omilia

Our Client

Omilia is one of the leading AI companies. Its virtual assistant applications are truly omnichannel, as they are developed once and leveraged horizontally, providing a seamless, end-to-end conversational AI experience across channels, including IVR systems, social messengers, web chat, smart speakers, mobile apps, email, and SMS.

Their solutions are based on natural language understanding, speech recognition, and voice biometrics that can authenticate speakers over the phone. Providing conversational intelligence technology to various industries.

Their Requirement

The company required a solution that enables their customers to perform single Sign-On (SSO) from their multiple Keycloak Identity Providers (IDPs) and then access the customer portal with ease.

The challenge was that if the company used Atlassian access, they would have had to undergo the domain verification process for all of their unique organizations on a large scale. Adding to that would be the cost involved, as Atlassian Access comes with a much higher price tag.

Our Solution

minOrange’s “SSO Integration with Helpdesk” turned out to be the perfect solution that allowed Omelia to overcome the challenges related to Atlassian access and domain verification. Our solution is a visual interface that allows customers to choose their preferred IDP from the multiple Keycloak realms and perform SSO to access the customer portal.

Also, we used our in-house Identity Brokering Solution to solve the multiple IDP requests for Keycloak. all at a fraction of the cost.

‘SSO Integration with Helpdesk’ at Work

    Our all-in-one security solution secured our client’s helpdesk with seamless SSO authentication for external users from multiple identity providers, along with revolutionary features like advanced auditing, custom domain URLs, organizational mapping, and many more. The way it works:
  • We implemented a single Sign-On (SSO) solution to connect the customer portal and Keycloak via SSO integration with help desks using our in-house brokering solution.
  • Omelia’s customers would access the customer portal, powered by miniOrange.
  • The customer is then directed to the miniOrange broker login page, where they would select their appropriate Keycloak realm for authentication.
  • The customer then enters their login credentials on the appropriate Keycloak IDP login page.
  • Once successfully authenticated, the success response is sent to the JSM SSO application, and a user session is created.
  • The customer is finally redirected to the miniOrange powered customer portal.

How Our Solution Benefited our client

    With the successful implementation of our identity brokering solution, our client was able to reap the following benefits:
  • Successful SSO in Jira Service Management Cloud: Our client was successful in setting up the SSO with multiple IDPs for their customers.
  • Improved customer experience: With the visual interface, customers could easily choose their preferred Keycloak realm, reducing authentication friction and enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Centralized management: The Identity Brokering Solution provided centralized management of customer authentication across multiple Keycloak realms, thus eliminating the need for customers to remember multiple login credentials.
  • Increased security: The solution leverages the security features of Keycloak and IDPs, ensuring secure customer authentication.
  • Scalability: Our identity brokerage solution is designed to scale as the number of customers and Keycloak instances grows. By providing a reliable and efficient solution, we ensured that our client did not have to worry about scalability as and when the need arose.

And That Brings Us to Your Needs

Omilia is one of the many success stories that we have, they have experienced and benefitted from our suite of solutions that are customizable as per the needs of each client. It would be our pleasure to find the right solution for your company. So, get on a discovery call at +1 978 658 9387 or email your queries to, we would be glad to forward from there.

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